Trying No7 skincare and beauty.

ohluna trying no7 skincare

It’s actually a warm winter’s day out and I thought what better to talk about than skincare and beauty? My skin is a combination which is a mix of being dry, blemish central and also oily eyelids. Prone to breakouts and always in constant need of hydrating. I was lucky to recieve a set full of No7 goodies for Christmas from my brother and his fiance. Naturally I wanted to share with you what I’ve thought about some of the goodies in the box.

No7 isn’t a brand I’ve ever steered towards. I just tend to walk straight past their counters when I walk into a Boots because honestly, I just want to go in get what I want and leave. I always peg them as a brand that aim at ‘every day women’ and that’s nice and all but I want a brand that modern. Not the same ole’ smokey eye and shades. Something that offers bright pops of yellow and bubble mask technology. They aren’t that brand and I understand but that is why I’ve never thought to try them out previous.

No7 Early Defence Day Cream

ohluna trying no7 skincare

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been using the Early Defence Day Cream on a daily basis. I use it before I do my makeup and have cleaned my face. Or on a non makeup day I’ll wear it regardless. It states to ‘protect and boosts young skin’s natural defences to help it look younger for longer’. My opinion is that it is a hydrating mousturiser and it makes the world of difference as I’ve noticed the days I haven’t used it. However I think it is slightly on the greasy side and I can feel it on my face. I love the fact that it’s SPF 15 and has 5 UVA stars as I think that’s really important in choosing skincare. Would I repurchase? OR should I say buy it myself as it was a gift ha! Yes I would I think it’s a great moisturiser in the winter but I might change my mind when the hotter weather arrives.

Illuminator, serum and primer.

ohluna trying no7 skincare

Skin Illuminator

Next are 3 skincare items that normally speak leaps and bounds to me. Starting with the skin illuminator it tells you to mix it with your foundation for a glowy look. I can see how this might work for someone who wears a light layer of foundation but I wear medium to heavy base. For me it didn’t do much except for if it I dabbed it on top of my skin as a glowy highlighter. Even then it only really worked for my temple as it wasn’t quite -out there- enough for cheekbones.

Early Defence Glow Activating Serum

Following is the Early Defence Glow activating serum. Am I wrong in thinking that people have a love or hate for serums? I’m a lover but not in this case. It didn’t seem to do anything for my skin and if it was to prevent ageing ect then perhaps I’d give it a bit longer. But as it is supposed to be glow activating and I noticed no difference then again it’s another no from me.

Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer

Lastly out of this trio is the Airbrush Away Radiance Boosting Primer. Primers are always tricky. There are cream versions and then there are sillicone and the former are what I prefer to wear. In this case I’m in luck as the AARBP is a cream primer. When used on the skin it does give off a white sheen on the skin and an almost duochrome look. It might not be for everyone but I find it to work amazing as a primer on my skin. It is dewy without it being sticky or oily and my foundation whatever it is that day has looked great and worn amazing since starting this primer. So you are warned if you try this, it does have a weird sheen to it, but it is radiant and I love it so.

Pump up the lashes.

Mascara is one of my least favourite makeup buys, to buy. My lashes don’t like to curl and they just fan out and stick to the sides. There is no eyelash curler on the planet that will help save me. So when it comes to a mascara I just like to find a great lengthening mascara to create drama. Lately I’ve been a bit bored and a little bit sick of mascaras transferring onto my face. I am a ‘plus sized’ girl so naturally have chubby cheeks aka my eyelashes touch my skin. First trying the Lash Impact Lash Primer I expected it to be a white primer mascara like in the 2000’s. It just acts like an average joe mascara. There’s nothing incredible about it but nothing bad either. When paired with Midnight Lash over the top it creates really long lengthening lashes. One of my favourite things about it is that there’s no horror 2009 lashes that are clumpy from really thick mascara. They still look beautiful and not over the top.


My first opinions on No7 skincare range.

There are a few hits and a few misses when it comes to the No7 skincare (and mascara) range. Some of them I love and will defintley repurchase but there are a few misses for me too. Which I think is what happens with every brand as not every single product is suited to every single person. I have a few more products which I will be going around with the same treatment as this post and try and post it next month for you all to read a bit more about my thoughts on the brand and their products.

What do you think about No7? And what are you favourites?


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