Treasuring memories with personalised gifts. {Gifted}

Creating and treasuring memories is probably one of the most important things to me in life. We’re not here for a long time. Although memories fade over time it means that we were able to enjoy the moments while we are around. This is why I like to often have things printed to enjoy rather than just loaded onto a computer. Something to remind us of the good times and the life we’ve been through. I’ve always wanted a home full of life and that’s cosy and able to show those memories. It reminds me of going to my grandparents and seeing the faces of my family displayed for everyone to see. Well probably have a chat and a moan about but hat’s family for you.

treasuring memories with tesco photo ohluna

treasuring memories with tesco photo ohluna Recently I was in contact with Tesco Photo and who asked If I wanted to work with them. If I wanted to pick a couple from their selection of items to print. Jumping on board I said yes because well, why not! So to be fully honest with you, I have been gifted these items in return of a review but every single word is my honest opinion. Plus I wanted to try them out for myself! I had a couple of phone cases printed whilst I was doing my degree in university a few years back so I knew they were of good quality. So why not try a couple of other prints from their collection of personalised gifts to try. As in the future I hope to build big photo albums. 

Picking out gifts.

After looking and trying to think what would suit us best it was easy to use the website to click what pictures and adjust to the gifts we chose. Firstly I chose a magic mug. My mum was talking about them a couple of days previous. I wanted to create something that I knew she would love and chose and be able to have as a gift. To make sure I got the best quality I picked a high resolution image from using my camera. Phone images work great with today’s technology too but I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the best possible image. I also created another magic mug for us to have and enjoy. 

treasuring memories with tesco photo ohluna

The magic mug itself is a cute idea and is actually amazing quality. They’ve since been in the dishwasher a few times and not once have they wore off at all. It’s always a nice surprise to give someone visiting the mug to see my daughters face pop up! The only thing I don’t like about the mugs is that the handle doesn’t change colour like the rest of the mug. I guess that way you know you’re not going to get a burnt hand.

treasuring memories with tesco photo ohluna

As well as the vanishing mugs I picked out two photo frames and a couple of prints to go alongside. I was highly surprised about the quality of the frames. Sort of expecting them to be on the cheap side say like Ikea quality. These are a lot more durable and feel amazing considering they’re less than £10 each. Again I picked prints that I took with my camera for the best possible quality which you can see from the images, look amazing.

Hit or miss?

I’m impressed with the products and service. Such an amazing way to treasure memories with such lovely gifts. Would I use the service again? Yes and I would get all my photo’s printed with them as I’m honestly impressed. You can find these gifts and more at which would be perfect with Mother’s day coming up!


A quick disclaimer. This post contains gifted items. This does and will not alter my opinion on anything. I am as always completely honest in my blog posts.

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