Supporting development with my little baby annabell baby fun {gifted}.

supporting development with my baby annabell baby fun review ohluna

Lately things have been a bit hectic in life and with a toddler thats showing no signs of slowing down it’s suddenly getting busier. As my daughter is getting older she’s becoming more and more independant. From playing by herself, making up songs and role play and honestly so much more that I could spew out an essay. I just always want to make sure I do my best to help her be her best self. We have been gifted a My Little Baby Annabell Baby Fun which aims to support development and interactive role play. So I want to share with you what I really think about the doll and it’s features but also about helping Imogen’s development.

Encouraging development.

If you have seen on my Instagram stories lately I’ve been talking about all sorts of developments with my daughter. From attempting potty training to her next level tantrums that lasted a week. We needed some positive despite the leap she was going through. We were kindly gifted the doll and it’s honestly worked a charm. You know when sometimes a child just clicks with a toy or a teddy? It was one of those moments.

We’re very open and honest with our two year old (who’s almost now three) because she’s so incredibly smart it’s frightening. We told her that when we began potty training that babies wear nappies and ‘big girls’ wear knickers. As Baby Annabell arrived on the exact same day we helped to encourage and support her next big milestone by showing her that she was in fact now a big girl compared to the doll baby.

supporting development with my baby annabell baby fun review ohluna

supporting development with my baby annabell baby fun review ohluna

About the Baby Fun interactive doll

What has helped us the most is that the My Little Baby Annabell Baby Fun makes noises and different baby sounds. Imogen loves to get involved and put her ‘little baby anna’ into her pram and feeding her. She’s not quite got the hang of the feeding motion with the bottle yet, but understands what needs to be done. I think it’s such an amazing doll as you can burp her, it snores and even when you press the tummy it says ‘mama’. There’s no whining crying from it so it’s incredible as it doesn’t get on parents nerves. We all know the dreaded crying doll sounds and want to avoid it with a barge pole! However we’re safe here it’s okay. As well as when a child’s mood stoops there’s no encouragement from a crying doll. The My Baby Annabell Baby Fun doll just coo’s and make’s bubble noises.

supporting development with my baby annabell baby fun review ohluna

supporting development with my baby annabell baby fun review ohluna

Our reaction.

It has been so encouraging and astounding by how well she has taken to the doll. And just how much it’s supporting her learning. Like she pretend to wipes the dolls nose with the small cloth. Or how she tells me about ‘uncle john having baby’ just like the doll. I think it’s an instant hit for toddlers and young children who could be awaiting a new arrival. I find that they have so many dolls that suit all ages and are fun to play with and I’m happy we got to explore this as it’s been heartwarming to see my daughter play ‘mum and dad’.


To clarify we were gifted the My Little Baby Annabell Baby Fun in return for a blog post. All opinions and words are my own. You can find it here on Amazon which is currently on offer for £22. I would also just like to add the dummy that is seen in these photo’s are from another doll.


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