My New Year’s Resolution.

my new years resolutions 2019 ohlunaThere’s a lot of talk on the internet lately about how people make their new years resolutions. A lot of chat about people who are being negative and saying things such as ‘It’s a new year not a new you’. If I’m perfectly honest I think it’s just a really bad way to think. Time after time a lot of us say things such as ‘I’m going to start my diet on Monday’ or ‘I’ll start the gym after Christmas’. And yeah some times people make empty promises and don’t fulfil it. You need to have motivation and drive to carry out new things. So I always tell myself to make achievable resolutions.

This year I’m making different resolutions. The reason for that is I’ve actually been wanting to do it for a long time and have been slowly gearing myself up towards it. Since I started my new job in November I’ve just waited until the Christmas period and the demanding hours were over.

my new years resolutions 2019 ohluna

What resolutions are you making?

My first resolution is to go vegetarian. I want to go vegetarian because of environmental reasons. My boyfriend who I live with is Vegan and most of the time we make vegan food at home. It’s normally when I’m out and about and don’t make the effort. I’ve spoke a bit more in depth about it on my post making big diet changes.

The next resolution is to start properly meal planning. I’m sick of eating the same 4 dishes at the moment and I want to try and change things up. So I want to create a 4 week meal plan with a couple of dishes to have available to swap if we don’t particularly fancy that night. My hope is that I get it done by the end of the month ready for the next few months ahead. Then I can incorporate changes for when it gets warmer!

My final resolution is to excersize more. Since November I’ve actually lost 11.5kg and that isn’t by changing anything, it’s just by doing a few more steps a day. My plan is to keep it up and try and go swimming or the gym in any spare time I might get. Just to keep up and help my body become healthier. I’m not putting pressure on myself to diet but more to make changes.

What are your new year’s resolutions? Tell me below!


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