Vegetarian Haribo for National Vegetarian Week {Gifted}

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

Vegetarian Haribo is celebrating National Vegetarian week.  From 13th May – 19th. This week is all about raising awareness about the benefits to ourselves, the animals and the planet. It’s even about getting people to try new things and get creative with cooking. As some of you may know I made the switch to becoming a vegetarian in January. Cutting out consuming meat and reducing my dairy intake is one of the things I’m doing. Every little bit helps save our Mother Earth.


Since being veggie there are very little things I miss. Yes, sometimes I crave meat but I have meat replacements and I don’t feel like I’m ‘missing out’. One thing I struggled with is sweets. I don’t have a sweet tooth for chocolate, but for gummy sweets. I’ve often ate Haribo Giant Strawbs in the past and even Aldi’s sugar free gummy sweets as they are vegan friendly. What I didn’t know is that Haribo actually have a whole range of vegetarian friendly gummy sweets that help to keep your cravings, fulfilled. I never thought vegetarian Haribo would be a thing but low and behold we’ve all been blessed.

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

For clarification I was sent the sweets but as I know, so many people are becoming vegetarian now, this might help some of you. Haribo have grown their vegetarian Haribo range to include Giant Strawbs gone mini. Which in my humble little opinion, taste better than the bigger ones. They’re squishier and don’t stick to your teeth as much! Anyway I will talk you through the sweets and my thoughts and opinions on them all!

Giant Strawbs.

These are honestly a classic. I remember in high school we had an ice cream van (yeah I know, trust me we weren’t middle class) pull up on the grounds and we would either get strawbs, a snake or an ice pop. So having these pre-veggie and now is the same for me. Makes me so happy knowing that I’ve got my old favourite chewy sweetie. And I might have already cracked into these before the photo.. They’re THAT good.

Giant Strawbs Gone Mini.

A little take on the classic. Out of everything pictured these Giant Strawbs Gone Mini are my favourite. They are squisher and don’t stick to your teeth as much as the Giant Strawbs (if you know you know). They taste fruitier and having them in the little bags helps me limit how many I scoff at once. If you are going to try anything, make it these.

Rainbow Strips.  Z!ng

Another fond childhood favourite. Anyone else had these before because I love to tear the little strips off to eat them bit by bit. Just me?! These taste just as good as I remember. These vegetarian Haribo sweets are Super zingy and I will be locking and hiding these away from my family.


Spaghetti Z!ng

I’m sensing strawberry is a winning hit in the Haribo factory because we’re on to another one. The strawberry spaghetti z!ng is a mix between the rainbow strips and strawberry laces. I can’t eat many of these at once which in hindsight is actually a good thing.

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

Funny Mix

Okay you know how I said Giant Strawbs gone mini are my favourite? I’ve changed my mind. The Funny mix not only had them in it, but has ice cream and cola bottles too. That might be why the pack seems a little empty. They’re so moreish and tasty. The ice cream one tastes really fruity. Don’t mind me just grabbing another..

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

Jelly Beans

I’m going to be super honest, I haven’t tried these. I don’t like jelly beans. I’ve tried different brands over the years and I just can’t get on board with them. That being said, these are a vegetarian alternative and I will be sharing them with my veggie friends who will I’m sure LOVE them.

vegetarian haribo for national vegetarian week ohluna

There are so many different sweets that I didn’t know existed from Haribo that are vegetarian and I’m sure there are more in the works. The bunch sitting in front of me whilst I’m really trying hard to restrict myself taste delicious. I hope this helps some fellow veggies out there.


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