My New Years resolutions for 2020.


My New Years resolutions 2020, ohlunacreates, ohluna

Happy new year everybody! This time last year I was writing about my 2019 new year’s resolutions and it feels like the year just slipped through my fingers. Now I’m back to talk about my resolutions for this brand new decade.

There is an overwhelming sense of pressure when it comes to resolutions for a new year. For some people they do challenges like dry January or veganuary.  Others talk about fitness and diets? Heck even I’ve been google searching gyms and fitness clothes. For myself though I find it a way to light a fire under my arse so to speak. It gets me motivated and feel inspired to get things done  whether it be cleaning, sorting out finances or where I want to go in life.

Last year if you haven’t read my previous post I decided to go vegetarian. I thought it would be kinder to my body and to the planet I am still a vegetarian a year later and with only one accident (who puts gelatine in paprika crisps).

I love the pressure that comes with challenges. Seeing others reach their goals and pushing themselves. It makes me want to succeed too and do better for myself.  But always remember to set yourself attainable goals. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself as well as it sounds running a marathon next week you have to train to get there. And it takes time and patience. This year I’ve given myself two new resolutions.

My first resolution is to go hand in hand with what I would love for my future. Draw everydayDrawing everyday might seem like a lot. But whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours I’m not putting time on myself. Just a little something everyday to keep myself motivated. I have so many plans and goals for this year and the next few years to come that my resolution just makes sense. I will talk more about them in my goals for 2020 post that will be live at the end of this week.

My other resolution is more of a mental one. Try not to compare yourself to others. This is something I am very, very good at doing in a bad way. I lost my voice and self confidence and it’s not going to be easy. It’s not something I will entirely stop. But if I can breathe and let things go and not compare myself to others and just focus on myself. Then maybe I will feel a lot better mentally. I am not alone in doing this but having anxiety has made this, well about 20 times worse. The key word is try. As long as I keep trying even after the bad days (which will happen) then I know it’s working.

What are your resolutions you’ve made for this year? Let me know





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