Last minute mother’s day buys with Wilko’s. {Gifted}

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohlunaYou know when you see people and you ask them ‘are you sorted for ___ occasion?’. And they reply yes? Well. I’m not that person. I’m the one who goes and does every single thing last minute. So even if I do manage to miraculously get everything done on time I never think it’s enough and buy something extra last minute. That’s why I thought I’d show you some last minute mother’s day buys with Wilko’s. For the people who want to spoil their superhero females in their lives who might’ve been a little unprepared or waited until payday!


I’ve picked out some of my favourite bits from Wilko’s to share with you. These can make a great mothers day gift or even something to treat yourself to. I always love popping into Wilko’s to pick up bits for the house because I find it so affordable. Even if I always end up leaving with a nest of new plants and cacti.

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna

Sweet tooth.

Let’s kick things off with a sweet treat. Why not treat your mum or your grandma to some fudge instead of chocolate? This maple and sea salt fudge is only £1.50 a box and it’s super tasty. There’s also a salted caramel flavour if that’s more to your taste. It’s suitable for vegetarians which I personally love as I’m forever checking boxes of sweets to make sure it’s all A-OKAY.

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna


Next is a little pampering and some TLC. Mums are super hardworking superbeings. I should know as I am one. Whether we work or not work, we have to be fully aware of 100 different lists as a mum. From what we need when we go shopping, what clothes need to be washed ready for a few days times or the hundreds of chores. A nice hand cream or a moisturiser will make mum feel a little bit pampered even when she’s too busy to have a soak in the bath. The smell reminds me of a different moisturiser I used to use when I was pregnant and made me reminisce.

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna


I love giving and recieving flowers and mother’s day is no differen’t. However I wanted to shine a little light on a different approach. Flowers come and go beause it’s in their nature. What I love is that Wilko’s have a huge selection of artificial flowers on their website and in store and you could glam them up with a cute vase and spray a scent on them to make them smell divine. The artificial peonies look beautiful and look amazing considering that they’re fake. I’m going to display mine in my kitchen! Just to note I wanted to add in 3 of my beautiful little plants that I bought for all under £3 each from Wilko’s in store. I love their cacti and succulents they have. Maybe a plant for your mama if you’re after something real!

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna

Breakfast in bed.

A lovely way to be able to treat your other half if you are parents is to make breakfast in bed. Depending on how skilled you are, you could cook up a mean fry up or brew some tea. And what better to serve it on other than a pastel pink tea tray. I think it just completes a look and for £4 you can’t go wrong. Plus it’s quite big so it could work as well for a vanity table to display your favourite skincare or perfumes!

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna


I think every girl or woman is obssessed with candles. We all have candles for when we want to do a bit of self care, some just because they smell great and then our special ones for display. I have this Wilko’s large green and gold candle that I think looks beautiful and is huge for just £5. It isn’t scented which doesn’t bother me as I like to keep it neutral and just have one smelling candle lit at any time. Which also means you can get away with it if someone only likes specific scents! I think it looks incredible for only £5 and will be displaying it at my fireside.

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna


Who would’ve guessed that a blanket would pop up here -insert eye roll-.  I’m a sucker for them and everyone who knows me, also knows that. They’re comfort and I think this Herringbone natural coloured throw from Wilko’s makes the best type for displaying on the end of your bed. As it’s made from natural fibres I think it just makes it look that much more homely and who doesn’t like a blanket?! It’s got cute tassel detailing at the ends and it looks so stylish for a blanket. There are tonnes to chose from so have a browse and find what might work best for your special someone.

last minute mother's day presents wilkos ohluna


And there we have it. Some of my top picks from Wilkos. Perfect for the last minute buyers this weekend ready for Mother’s day. I hope you all get to treat that special lady in your life!

And just so we’re crystal clear, I have been gifted these items to share with you all in return of a blog post. All opinions are my own.

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