January Goals.

january goals ohluna

January really is the time for me to push myself and really set new goals. I honestly get such a motivational kick out of it so yes, I have a goals list as well as a resolutions. Each month I want to set monthly goals and share if I achieved the month’s previous goals. They will consist of both personal and blog goals. Having something to work towards and not just writing it down but putting it out on the internet for the world to know gives me that push. That I need to do what I set out and hoped to achieve. Plus I think it’s a great way to learn what you’ve set for yourself and if you’ve striven to reach those targets!


Rebrand my blog

So as explained in my post starting over again and what really happened to my blog I lost all of my work. Rather than just stick to what I had before, I thought I’d revamp. It’s not a drastic change but I feel like it’s more professional and grown up than the branding I was trying to achieve before. I enjoy the new logo’s and layout and everything else but we’ll see how long I stick to it. Normally I tend to change things up every couple of months!


Along with rebranding I need to relaunch. If you saw my blog in the past week you could see what kind of hot mess I created and well it wasn’t pretty. So I made everything private ready to post for the relaunch. I’m just so excited to get back to it now and blog again.

Create a meal plan

Writing this I’m already on the fourth day into the year and I still haven’t sorted a meal plan. I have given myself the month to sort through this however as I think it’s a task where I really need to sit down and focus. Between trying to get back to normal after Christmas, work and Imogen’s break from nursery we’re all a bit loopy in my house. I want to create a meal plan as I’ve wrote that I’m making big diet changes and I want to mix things up when I make meals.

Stick by being vegetarian

I made it my resolution to become vegetarian and in fact I’ve only ate meat once since boxing day (which was New Years Eve) and it’s not difficult. In our house I’m used to having meat replacements anyway so it’s not really bothered me yet. I’ve just found that I’m eating more cheese and I want to try and cut that back. So with the help of the above goal, I hope to achieve that.

Achieve 1000 blog views

This isn’t a big task. However dropping off the radar in December and then my blog having it’s early death at Christmas I just want to push and make sure I’m still hitting targets. If I surpass this, then I will keep adding until I’ve got a mammoth task ahead!

Post daily on instastories

Whether it’s just a picture or a chatty story I really want to get back into instastories. It’s where I spend most of my time when I browse the app myself so I know how important it is to utilise the feature well. I want to get a bit more creative with it and enjoy it.


So there you have them, my January goals. I try to keep it simple so they’re achievable if I keep on track. But slowly and surely I’ll be making harder ones and pushing myself but still at a pace that I GOT THIS.

What are some of your goals for January or your new years resolution, let me know!



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