February Goals.

ohluna february goals

Lately I’ve been a bit absent from blogging. I’ll admit it I’ve kinda disappeared after my launch didn’t I? Unfortunately I have a lot going on in my personal life and as much as I tried to not let it affect me it did. My plan was to get a lot of posts up and ready while I have a week off of work but alas I got the Flu. So here’s your reminder – Go get the FLU VACCINE. It’s not worth being sick. Anyways onwards we go so I wanted to show you some of my February goals. And to revisit my January goals and see how I got on!


Let’s get what I did and didn’t achieve from last month out of the way. As I said, things got a little hectic. So I’m not going to be hard on myself, but just add to this months goals in hopes to achieve them by pushing harder.


Revisiting January goals.

Quickly, I just wanted to talk to you about my january goals and whether I hit them or not which you can read the post about in detail here.

Rebrand my blog – I achieved this straight off the bat. There is a couple of thing I would like to change but I’m going to stick for a while first.

Relaunch – Check! I managed this straight away even with a couple of technical difficulties it’s all gone well so far.

Create a meal plan – Okay a fail. I must admit the past couple of weeks I really haven’t even been in a mindframe to cook proper meals for myself. So I’ve ate a lot of noodles after Imogen’s gone to bed.

Stick by being a vegetarian – Check! Nailing this even though I was tempted one day to get something different from Wagamama’s. Being a vegi but hating mushrooms, can’t eat tofu and hating eggs is hard. Eating at home isn’t but out and about isn’t the best when you’re trying not to sponge up on cheese.

Achieve 1000 blog views – I fell a bit short on this. I didn’t really promote any of my blog after the first couple of days. And as anyone will tell you promoting is two thirds of blogging. Something I’m going to try and achieve more this month aka why it’s going in my February Goals.

Post daily instastories – I actually have. Not in the way I was hoping to but I have posted every day so it’s getting to where I want to go to next. Aka more chatty and talking than posting pictures of Imogen and telling everyone how sick I am.


February Goals.

ohluna february goals


To be more consistent with blogging.

Which is a no brainer for me. I want to try and be more consistent with blogging, producing and promoting. I’m writing out a plan to be able to squeeze the most of my time. Being a parent that works and has to do most of the cooking, cleaning and other chores. I’m a bit strapped for time. I’m determined to make it work though so If I can you can too.


Schedule posts and stick to a plan.

Again something that I have been slacking on and need to push myself to do. Every week at the moment is a bit different and now things have finally slotted into place, I’m going to be able to make a schedule for myself. Just a little bit each day to push towards the bigger picture.


Take Imogen out to more places.

I feel like I’m forever taking Imogen to the same places lately and even though we don’t drive, I want to change it up a bit. As it’s near half term I want to take her to a couple of places to enjoy and spend time together. I’m going to see if there’s anything going on locally, message family members who I haven’t seen for a while and even a walk in our local woods.


Post on Instagram at least once a day.

I’m terrible for Instagram. I always have a little panic that if a picture isn’t perfect then it’s not worth uploading. Why am I so afraid?! Determined to get out of that rut this month. Trying to just capture more candid than panicking about things not looking right.

Plan this months posts.

Shockingly I’ve already planned them all out. I’m ahead of my goals and I’m just posting them aloud on the internet. Now it’s just time to put my fingers to the keyboard and get them all written and ready to go.


What are your goals for the month? Let me know below!



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  1. March 18, 2019 / 10:02 am

    I used to be so consistent with blogging but I feel like I’ve fallen into a hole haha. Working full time, studying and planning a wedding is a bloody nightmare itself! I used to have months worth of blog post ideas planned and scheduled xx


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