Decorating a table for Easter with Wilko’s. {Gifted}

After the previous success of my last post with Wilko’s, we decided to work together again on a little Easter campaign. Right now Easter is coming at you from every corner store with eggs, hats and wind up chick toys. I thought it would be the perfect collaboration to get ready for Easter. Whether that’s a party, a little get together with family, or just cracking an egg open and binge watching Friends all day.

Celebrate good times.

This year is our first ‘real’ Easter with our daughter. She’s starting to understand things more and more and is excited for the day to arrive. I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends and make a day if not a weekend of it. Everything in the picture above was less than £20 so it’s not something that is going to break the bank but also keeps the kids happy. I just wanted to take you through what I picked and also the cute little bunny place holders I made.

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

Creating an Easter decorated table.

Trying to build a table full of Easter bits and not having chocolate or hot cross buns to snack on for the entire day sounds hard. But it isn’t. Think of cute pastel colours which work well with spring and you’re on to a winner. Start with a centrepiece. Whether that be a twig tree with little decorations hanging off of it. Or a vase of flowers filled with daffodils or tulips. I picked these fresh from my garden. And as middle class as that sounds, really it was a case of digging them up so I can plant sunflowers. The vase is something I’ve always seen people use for kitchen utensils so it could double up if you don’t buy flowers every week and still make a lovely accessory. Such a good buy for just £5.

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

Reuse and recreate.

Another item that you could double up on and use time and time again are these milk bottles. I think they make the perfect decoration but would also be perfect for making smoothies in the summer for young ones! For the carry case, bottles and paper straws it’s just £6. It’s super cute and I’ve already used them for chocolate milk as a treat.

Can you spot the sparkling mini carrot? I got these in a tub which I think comes with around 10 for £1. You can get crafty with them or even just use them like I did and leave them hanging around just for decor.

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

Speaking of carrots, here are the fill-able carrot eggs. These are 2 in a pack for £1. You can get the chick or carrots online but I got the carrots. You could stash little treats in these as a party favour. Or you could use them in an egg hunt. Perfect to use year after year. In the background you can spot pastel pink candles. Just a little decor touch that I think really sets a table. They won’t be lit but look cosy and you can again reuse these around your home for only £1 each!

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

Create some bunnies.

To set the tone I really love to get crafty. I have a degree in design and have done art my entire life. Always one to seize the opportunity to get a glue stick or scissors out I created little bunny place settings. A quick google search and I had my outline created on brown craft paper (which you can buy a pack of 10 of for £1 and use time and time again). I cut them out making sure to leave an edge at the bottom so they could stand. To make them really look like bunnies I added a white pom pom to each bunny. These again came in a big bag full of different coloured pom poms that will be saved for future use. It’s an idea to do this with the kids to get them excited for the holiday season!

A few final details such as the Easter fake moss to make the bunnies look more realistic. A bunting banner to stick around the room. And some easter table confetti because who doesn’t love confetti?! You’re now on to a winner. All you need is some chocolate and your family or friends!

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

easter table decoration DIY ohluna

And there we have it. My easy to create Easter table. You can find all of the items from the Wilko’s website or have a look in store.

What are you getting up to this Easter? Do you have any traditions? Let me know below. Just to add, the toddler isn’t for sale on the Wilko’s website.

This post has items gifted by Wilko's. All opinions are those of my own and completely honest.

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