April Goals

my april goals ohlunaIt’s been a hot minute but I’m back and raring to go. What’s a better way than going straight in with my April goals. I feel like I’ve been slacking and you know what? That’s okay. I’ve learnt that as long as you pick yourself back up and make progress achieving your dreams, then you’re not failing. We might trip and stumble, but pick yourself up and get going. With that being said, here are my April goals.

Something I’ve struggled with lately more than ever is my mental health. Anxiety had completely riddled me and it’s okay. But I’ve not wanted to pick myself up. So I want to keep pushing myself towards goals and remind myself of my dreams and ambitions. So my first goal is to try and tackle and talk about my anxiety and open up.

My second goal is to actually start writing. A daily journal so I can really reflect, let everything out on paper that is truthfully bothering me. I’ve bottled a lot of things up and actually have a lot of stress on my shoulders. Now is time to really dive into myself to find out exactly what.

Now, moving away from MH, my third goal is to try and post on Instagram at least once a day. Does anyone else struggle with Instagram? I feel like from the perfect feeds I’m used to seeing I often hinder myself from posting. Aesthetic and social media go hand in hand and helps you gain more likes, follows etc so I forever stop myself. But I like it so it’s not like that I will be saying ‘I’ll post whatever’ because it’s not me. Sorry but not sorry. I love curated feeds. I think they look beautiful. I’m just going to try a little harder.

My fourth goal is actually to buy a gym membership. Not just gym but swimming. Totally sounds like a new year new me sort of goal. It kind of is. We’re a third through the year and so far since November I’ve lost over 2 stone by literally just taking more steps each day. Now that my routine for work is pretty much solid, I am now in a place where I can go to the gym maybe two or three times a week to help continue my weight loss journey. Amp it up and take it seriously. As my weight and appearance have a major effect on my mental health. So I’m spending my Friday night looking at my local gym’s website.

My final goal is to track my spending. I seem to blip when it comes to money. It’s a big YIKES when you’re an adult and just keep spending money on crap. I don’t even mean on clothes, just on drinks and snacks all the time. So I’m tracking it and going to try and cut down my spending.

There you have it. April is going to be a changing month for me, and I’m hoping that it’ll encourage myself to be able to be my best self.


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