A Christmas Bucket List!

oh luna presents christmas bucket list

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a quick moment hasn’t it?! I feel like I’m back in a place where I want to blog again. After some much needed time away to figure out my goals I’m back. Christmas is just around the corner and why not just join back in with BLOGMAS! I will fill you in with a catch up another day during this festive period. Hopefully I can keep up with every single day I’ve got planned. On with the show!

Christmas is honestly one of my favourite times of year. What isn’t there to love really?! From the shorter cold dark nights with a nice cosy fire to all the pretty lights and spending time with loved ones. That’s if we can exclude the stress and shopping but we’ll skip that for the sake of today.

I’ve created my ultimate bucket list for this Christmas and festive period and hope to tick off as many things as possible. I hope you all enjoy it. I’ve made it really huge so you can save it and even print it off if you wanted!





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