8 Wishes that I have for my child.

wishes tht I have for my daughter ohluna

I often think about the future and about what it holds for me and my family. I’ve thought about what will happen and who she will become. We forever try to help her be the best person she can possibly be. Not always do I get it right but I try my damn best. So I want to share with you 8 wishes that I have for my child. And what I wish for her future.

That she will become the best person she can possibly ever be.

One of my first wishes is that she will become the best person she can possibly be. Sounds daft when you say it out loud, but I want her to never shorten on who she is. Want her to push herself to live her life and make her own dreams come true and not just settle and stand back.

Treat others with kindness and respect those who treat her the same.

I grew up with the phrase ‘treat those how you would like to be treated’. I always try to treat people with kindness, walk past people and smile and go the extra mile if I can. And well if I’m honest you don’t always get that in this day and age. So I would like her to try and do the same but if someone was to take advantage of that or be disrespectful then to stand her ground.


For her happiness always.

No parent can ever wish for more. It’s one of the biggest wishes that I have for my child and will always have. I will always want her to be happy no matter what. And hope that she will continue to be the happy little person that I love and adore.


For her to do what makes her passionate in life, love and her career.

I want to be the parent that will always support her and her happiness. Whatever path it might be as long as she’s healthy and safe I will try my upmost best. For her to be passionate and want things for her future and her life. I hope she finds things she truly loves and pushes her self to do.

That she respects people who are different from her.

Growing up as a child I didn’t really know what gay people were. I was never aware or really taught about people that were outside of our little family bubble. I’ve learnt a lot not only about sexuality, but gender, race and different cultures. I’m raising my daughter to be aware as much as I can and I only hope that she will continue to respect those who are different from her and understanding of why. And that whoever she wants to be, loves or creates friendships with, that we are 100% accepting and will support her.


She will accept her mistakes and mine and learn from them.

No single person on this planet is free from making mistakes. We all do it and we learn from them. I’m not the perfect parent but I will try my best to be one. It means I wont always get things right. And in the future (well now too as she’s drawn on the walls) for her to own up and accept her mistakes. For her to learn from them and not to make them in the future. So she will continue to grow from them.


For her to know I’m here for her always and not hide her emotions from me.

From a young age to even now I always hide my emotions. I always found that it was easier to bottle them up. I never had heart to hearts with my friends and family and I only really opened up when I met my boyfriend. As a parent I want to be able to be there and comfort my daughter for her every need. Whether it’s a broken heart or if she didn’t do as well on a test as she hoped. For her to confide in me and let me be there for her is another wish I have for my daughter.

Be confident within herself.

The final wish I have for my daughter is a big one. Confidence. Confidence is something I’ve always struggled to have. It became worse when I actually had Imogen because I developed anxiety. I’ve always been a plus sized girl and always the ‘chubby’ kid. It left me with no confidence. Within my looks, the way I presented myself, how I dressed or even how I acted. I lost all confidence and it became worse and worse. Only now have I started to gain some. I wish that she will forever have confidence in herself and be able to do everything she wants and more. That she doesn’t doubt herself and will be the best person she possibly can.


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