Total Temptation Maybelline Mascara Review. 

maybelline total temptation mascara review ohluna

Mascara tends to be one of those products that you don’t really get super excited over. Sure it makes a massive impact when it comes to applying makeup. However it’s not often you hear someone going crazy over compared to the latest eye shadow palette. So I thought I’d put Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara to the test.

So I have been trying this mascara out over the past couple of weeks now since my Boots and Superdrug haul.  At first I wasn’t so sure it was making a difference to my eyelashes. I find it hard to find a mascara to lift my eyelashes and I honestly wish a curler would work for me. As you can see below the difference on my lashes from using it on just one eye.

maybelline total temptation mascara review ohluna

Off the bat, the wand itself helps to separate and coat each lash. I suffer a lot from clumping on certain parts of my eye and this decreases it 100%. I think that the mascara helps to define my eyelashes and lifts them slightly but I find that others in the past have worked better.

The pink packaged product has a slight summery tropical fragrance to it. I’ve since learned its infused with coconut oil which surprise surprise seems to be everything in 2018. However I think it makes it smell a little nicer than the usual chemically induced smells.

After testing out the mascara for a couple of weeks I’ve found some pro’s and con’s that come alongside it. Firstly, the wear is amazing, it looks great all day and it survives without flaking

However. I find that the mascara tends to trace under my eyes after long wear and it’s easy to move and just cover up, but if you’re not able to then perhaps this might be a miss for you. If you’re looking for a good mascara under £10 it is a great buy and is very comfortable to wear. The con is that it does tend to trace under the eyes a little so if you coat them like me, it might not be for you.

Would you try the Total Temptation Mascara? Let me know below!

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