Top tips for taking blog photo’s in autumn and winter.

tips to taking blog photo's in autumn and winter ohluna

As we’re just over a third through October, it’s clear to see that the sun isn’t shining anymore if you’re from England like me. It’s drizzly, dark and well not the best for taking photographs right now. So I wanted to share with you my tops tips for taking blog photos in autumn and winter. It’s a little tricky at times but it can be done.

For obvious reasons taking photos in natural sunlight will always give you the better photograph. To lead into my first point without sounding patronising..


Try to take photo’s in natural light where is possible.

This isn’t the easiest. Like for instance today where I am it’s absolutely chucking it down and we have all the lights in the house on it’s that dark. It isn’t that easy to be able to do, but there are times when it’s still manageable. So what I do is I take what I want to photograph to the lightest spot in the house. This is usually using a table in the front room or by the patio doors in the dining room. And set up my area to photograph pictures there and then.


Try take photos with light backgrounds.

I find this easier if I take photographs such as flat lays and products for review if the background is lighter. As when you take the picture, the light will reflect if the background is white or similar. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It’s really effective!


Another tip – Take it outside!

If it’s a day where it’s a bit grey, why not try take your flat lay outside? I use a large piece of cardboard and stick my backgrounds that I want to use to it with a bit of blu tack. You can get decent lighting outside but if you’ve got anything light stick it down with a bit of blu tack in case it get’s windy!


Box lights.

A way around having to take photo’s in natural light, is to use studio box lights. These are used in photography for portraits, products and more. It’s not natural light and while it will give you a clean white image, nothing is as good as natural. However when it comes to winter and you’re barely getting any light to take any for a week they really do help. I received mine for Christmas last year and they really do help in a struggle. They are from Amazon for £58 and I know you can get cheaper but I trusted the reviews of these when I sent the link to my boyfriend! They do the job and are very easy to set up.

tips for taking blog photo's in autumn and winter ohluna


Sometimes you can edit out certain lights. It’s easier to remove warmth and add it to cooler pictures. But to take pictures in lower light can ruin the quality so try and avoid it where possible. I find that editing helps in a lot of cases to able to help get the colouring you desire. One thing my teachers always taught me was that your editing can only be as great as your picture. Make sure you include everything you want to capture as you can always crop out the edges. For my editing I use Lightroom and VSCO. I made myself a preset so all my photo’s have the same feel to them and only change each photo if needed slightly.


Batch take your photos.

If you plan your content ahead of time try planning what photo’s you’d like with it too. It’s easier said than done sometimes, I get it. But if you’re planning on taking photo’s of products or things that you can do at home try taking them all at once. I always try to take pictures of a few things at once as I have a toddler that makes it hard for me to be able to do it every other day. I keep a box of props that I like to rotate in the background around what I’m featuring and that helps a lot.


There are my top tips to taking blog photos in autumn and winter. It’s not easy but there are ways around it and it is manageable! I hope you got some help from this post. Until next time.

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