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I wanted to share with you some of my favourite bits of makeup, skincare, and other bits that I loved and enjoyed in 2017. I found that these were my staples and my best of beauty for 2017 and are my holy grails of the year. 2017 was such an awkward year for me. There wasn’t any huge events or things that actually happened and it was more a year of sailing through. My boyfriend and I finally moved into our first house together with our daughter and everything was a bit up in the air. I hoarded quite a lot of makeup, skin care and nail care and decided to declutter and use up my collection.


I wasn’t really inspired or craving much new makeup or beauty bits in 2017. There were some that as someone who HATES (sorry guys) online shopping, that I passed on. So I was very careful with what I bought and took what I had into consideration. I’m continuously buying new things for our home so that came first over a new lippie of the same shade.

It wouldn’t be two thousand and seventeen without the hype of warm toned palettes. 2016 showed us what it was made of and what we were all missing and in 2017, brands nailed it. One of the most hyped palettes of the year was the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette. I was lovingly gifted this off my boyfriend for my birthday and I was impressed. It has some of the most perfect warm shades and some of the prettiest shimmers and matte’s. It’s a good all rounder and I will go more into depth with a review coming this month of my view’s on it! I do class it as a holy grail because there are some absolute BEAUTIES in this cardboard package.

Next it wouldn’t be a post by me without LUSH. All of my friends know how much I adore LUSH and I pretty much know their catalogue off by heart. This year saw some of the most amazing releases from LUSH and I’m just more and more in love with them as a brand. Earlier this year they launched these body sprays and as someone who rarely gets on with perfume, it’s a god send. I’ve loved the smell of Twilight ever since I first had a Christmas Lush Pud bath bomb years ago, so the Twilight Body Spray has become my signature scent. And I’m not sorry.

As I said, I’ve been trying to use up my make up collection so I took the plunge earlier this year when in a group chat we found a discount on the Jeffree Star lipsticks. A friend of mine always wore the Scorpio lipstick and I finally got to try it for myself. I love everything about it. I love the colour, the formula, the wear. It’s just beautiful. I’m not a fan of Jeffree but it really is the one lipstick I’ve not found the same shade for anywhere else.

A foundation I bought on a whim was the Revlon Colorstay in the shade Buff. I bought it as I caught a bit of a tan in the english summer sun and I was more than surprised. I LOVED this foundation. It was long lasting, it wasn’t greasy or drying and it had great coverage and was very buildable. It’s a definite repurchase.

I’ve always stuck to Zoeva and Real Techniques when it comes to my makeup brushes. Don’t fix something if it isn’t broke ya know. So with Spectrum taking world domination with the prettiest looking brushes I had to try them for myself. Out of all of the brushes my favourites are the eye brushes. They come in all different shapes and I use them every single time I do my makeup and they blend beautifully. Soon they became a staple in my collection.

I just wanted to give this candle a quick shout out. Last christmas I bought a couple of these mini Urban Apothecary candles in the sale and I love to burn them whilst putting on my makeup. They smell better than any other candle I’ve tried and relax me. Just wanted to insert that in here.

Back on track with makeup I gave the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner a go. I wanted to try something new as I couldn’t find my usual go to Bourjois Clubbing Liner in store. It’s since been replaced and I’ve used the Nyx liner ever since. You can create the thinnest lines on the eyelashes to the perfect wing and it lasts all day. I personally like eyeliner that isn’t matt so it’s perfect for me.

Recently I was gifted some products from Dermologica (no I’m not paid to say anything about them, I genuinely love this product). One of the products was Skin Smoothing Cream. Now I’ve been putting this on my face morning and night and it’s changed the way my skin feels and looks. It’s so hydrating that I’m kinda upset about how expensive it is that when I run out I’ll have to repurchase.

Would it honestly be a 2017 blog post without the Naked Heat palette? Like really? It was talked about for months, then it was sold out and then we all managed to finally get our hands on it. Damn. This is the perfect warm toned palette that you need to take with you anywhere. It’s got reds, oranges, purples to make different looks. It’s probably my makeup staple of the year. It’s that good that my friends borrow it when we get ready to go out. Yes Urban Decay, Yes.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not very good at keeping up with nail care. I need something quick easy and with a great colour payoff to apply. Having a toddler means that I don’t really get downtime and I always need my hands to be free. So I love Barry M because they are such quick drying nail polishes and I find that this light grey toned purple colour called Lap Of Honour is perfect.

So there we have it! My top 10 best of beauty bits of 2017. Each one of them I love and adore and I don’t think it would’ve been 2017 without any of them.

What was your favourite beauty bits of last year?


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