Toddler clothing wishlist

toddler clothing wishlist ohluna

Today’s post is a little bit different from the usual. I wanted to share with you all a few toddler clothing bits and pieces that I’m currently loving. I’m finding that this A/W is a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to toddler clothes. There’s nothing refreshing and it’s the same old. I just wanted to show you come bits that I would love to have for my daughter and maybe you will love too!






Starting with this printed jumper from H&M I think it super cute. Imogen’s obsessed with animals at the moment and learning them all. Printed sweatshirt from H&M for £5.99











Next is this knitted jumper also from H&M. I spotted a similar version in Primark earlier for adults however it had a high neck. Which a no no for me. So why not a similar matching one for kids?! Fine – Knit

jumper from H&M for £9.99









Onto Zara which is actually one of my favourite ever stores for kids clothes. I think they’re so modern and fashionable. It’s always amazing quality so even the clothes that can be quite pricey I think are worth the money. Take this ruffled dungarees number for instance. It’s cute for both Autumn winter with some boots, or summer with sandals on a cool day! Ruffled Dungarees from Zara Kids for £19.99








Another piece from Zara which I also think is all year round friendly is this dress. Cute enough to wrap up warm, but also to just wear with socks and brogues. Soft Fabric Dress from Zara Kids for £14.99











The last pick from Zara Kids is this pompom sweatshirt. I love anything with pom poms so this shouldn’t be a surprise. What drew me into this jumper was the frilly sleeves. Just a little bit dorky, with a side of grannyish but cute enough for a toddler. Pompoms Sweatshirt from Zara Kids for £14.99







Next up is NEXT! Ha, I’m a sucker for Next clothes as I just find them great quality and affordable. I think this dress is adorable and anything with rabbits or ducks is a winner in our house. Pale Pink Bunny Stripe Dress from Next for £15-16












For practical use with this season ahead I love this hat and mittens combination. I think this would be adorable on any toddler but let’s be realistic will they actually keep it on?! Ecru Hat and Mitts set from Next for £10-11











And lastly is this Frozen costume from Matalan. I know I can hear the eeeesh going through your brain right now. Imogen’s obsessed with dressing up costumes and princess’s and has just discovered what Frozen is. She only likes the ‘let it go’ song. So I think we’re going to swing on to that away from Baby Shark. Is that an upgrade?! Anyway as I mentioned this is the Kids Disney Frozen Elsa Costume from Matalan for £16.00





And there we have it my toddler clothing wish list. I need to try and find more clothing that gets me excited because well, it’s fun dressing a toddler in crazy quirky clothes. They look cool. And if I tried, well, I’d get some very weird looks.

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