I’ve set myself a personal challenge this year to at least read a book a month. I know, it’s not totally knock out the park challenging but it is quite hard when it’s already a struggle to find time to pee alone. For real. So I wanted to share with you my 5 all time favourite books, that I haven’t been able to top. They’re in my top 5 for completely different reasons and hey, maybe better books deserve to be there but these just haven’t been beaten. For me, that is.Oddly as my top five may seem, these don’t actually show what kind of books I tend to read. Normally, I’m a hopeless romantic. A sap, if you will. I love romance, and twists and turns but over the past couple of years I’ve found my taste varying.

Starting with a book that changed my life.

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. 

I’ve gone on to read quite a lot of Palahniuk’s work and it’s clear to see that one of his influencers is none other than Bret Easton Ellis. His work is as he puts it ‘transgressional’ and I have never had an author make such an impact on my life. I am captivated on every single page.  The one quote that has stuck with me, for over 10 years is this “Nothing of me is original, I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known’. He’s a writer that makes you think, and rethink what you thought and twists it again. It’s a classic book and I BEG you to read it. It will change your life and how you perceive things.


American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis

Of course being a Palahniuk fan I was always going to be a fan of Bret Easton Ellis. It was fate. It took until I was around 20 to read anything by Ellis and I still have quite a few of his books in my to read pile. This book still sits with me though. It shows how someone can do anything with money and good lucks. How much people can get away with, when they have the right power. IF you have seen the film, it isn’t anywhere near as graphic as the book. Honestly. It’s a little hard to swallow. One of the greatest books I have ever had the pleasure in reading.


The Heroin Diaries – Nikki Sixx with Ian Gitting

As you may well and truly find out my music taste varies more than anything in the world. It’s always interesting to see what the lives of the big original rockstars and glam rockers were really like. The fact that Nikki Sixx somehow took to writing and kept it going for so long while he was so out of it is admiring. In the ‘too good to be true’ way. The way he talks about cocaine, girls, overdosing in just a year of his life is incredible and scary. My fascination with these rockers are like how some people are interested in serial killers. What makes them tick, what made them do the drugs or whatever it was. How their lives panned out. While it’s not the groundbreaking novel, it is a book, a diary I thoroughly enjoyed reading. That’s why it’s in my top five. It’s an autobiography, like no other. No fluff.


The Kind Worth Killing – Peter Swanson

I stumbled across Swanson whilst I was browsing in a book store. I had never heard of Swanson or anything about the book and the cover honestly drew me in. I read this book in just two sittings. The ending of the book, after the roller coaster of twists and turns that it already had threw me. Holy. Effing. Crap. I’m just in the middle of reading another of his works and so far I’m not dissapointed in the slightest. I honestly think he’s of of the best psychological thriller authors out there and I can’t wait to read his new book. Believe me, this is an author you want to keep an eye on.


Pride And Prejudice – Jane Austen. 

Okay, so I couldn’t let all of the books in my top five be all about death, drugs and murder could I?! Well, I could’ve but Austen deserved a big mention amongst these lot. I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was around 8 or 9. I was very advanced when it came to reading in primary school and I was always told to read more and more. I didn’t quite understand every word that was written in Jane Austen’s book as it was a little bit beyond my depth being so young. I revisited it while I was in university and it made me realise my worth as a person no matter my background. There’s a reason why it’s a classic and I highly respect Austen as a writer.


And that is it. My top five books. I’ve read quite a lot of different and varied books over the years even though I’ve slowed down the past couple I can’t wait to get to read a few more this year and who knows, it might make this lineup change! We will see.


What are your all time favourite books? Let me know your absolute fave below!

Until next time,

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