The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

the ultimate fall bucket list ohlunaI’m sure you’ve all found by now that it’s not secret that I love Autumn. Or fall depending on where you’re from. I wanted to kickstart Blogtober with my ultimate autumn bucket list to share with you all. Blogtober is one of my favourite times of year because you get to see bloggers working their gears and coming up with amazing ideas. It also reminds me how short this season lasts and how many things I would love to accomplish within this time.

So I wanted to share with you all my ultimate Autumn bucket list and see how many I can tick off this season!

Go conker collecting.

Make a soup or stew with seasonal veg.

Create leaves crafts with Imogen.

Find the perfect OTT scarf.

Run through piles of leaves.

Pick my own pumpkin.

Snuggle up in blankets by the fire.

Create Halloween bunting.

Visit a national park and take lots of family photographs.

Read a book.

Collect new Autumn smelling candles.

Have an Autumn style spring clean.

Start writing a Christmas list in preparation.

Try an Autumn themed coffee.

Find the perfect new coat.

Go to a bonfire night and fireworks display.

Decorate the house for Autumn.

Bake a banana bread. (I’ve never done it before, perhaps try pumpkin if you’re into it!).

Light some sparklers and make patterns.

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