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You  might have seen this tag floating around Youtube. Well you wouldn’t be wrong! Jen from What Jen Did Next created this tag in a blogger style for us all to enjoy. Don’t get too excited, the scan is of Imogen from when she was a little moomin. Baby names are such a difficult thing to pick and I know I struggled so we’ll see how well I do on this baby name tag!

The Rules Are

1. List these rules in your post, so that everyone is clear on what to do!

2. Answer the questions and tag at least 3 other people ( don’t have to have children to join in)

3.  Tag whoever nominated you and their link.

On with the Tag!

1) If you had a baby tomorrow, what would you call them? Boy&Girl?

Oh well you shot that straight in there didn’t you. If I had a girl I love the names Luna and Aurora. If I had a boy I love the name Bohdi.

2) What would you rename yourself keeping your same first initial?

Lucy because everyone I meet at first seems to call me that ha!

3) What would you have been/wish you had been called if you were the opposite gender?

My mum named my brothers John and Stephen so it would probably be a traditional name. I’ve never asked her what she could’ve called me. Probably Thomas or something!

4) Favourite Vintage Baby Name for boy and girl?

Edith after my late next door neighbour and Edward for a boy.

5) Favourite Nature Baby Name for boy and girl?

Willow is one that I know a lot of ladies to have named their daughters and I love. I also love Nora, and Leo for a boy.

6) Favourite Blogger’s name and/or baby name?

My favourite is River who is Oh No Rachio’s son’s name and now the cat is out of the bag, Jemma from Dorkface’s son’s name too!

7) Favourite Literary Name?

Arya from A Song Of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones). I LOVED that name but we shyed away from it.

8) Favourite O Name that isn’t Oliver or Olivia?

Ophelia – Which was Imogen’s name until we were in the delivery room.

9) What did you wish you were called when you were younger?

Rebecca because there were 5 girls in my class with that name and I felt left out haha!

10) What name would you/did you immediately VETO?

Honestly there was so many. No names that are already in the family, no one we knew that had the same name. No name that was instantly recognisable e.g. Britney. It took us a very very long time to decide. And probably would take longer if we decide to have another ha!

So the people I’m tagging are Rachael – From Rachael ClaireGee – Gee Gardner,  Amy – The Smallest of ThingsCheryl – Mummy Of 5 MiraclesHanna – Little SnippetsTamara – The Epileptic Blogger, Romeca – Beauty, Bump and Me, and last but not least Zoe – Mummy And Liss Blog.


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