Teething tips and tricks for babies and toddlers.

teething tips and tricks for babies and toddlers ohluna

I’ve wrote about teething quite a lot in my time in blogging. Unfortunately not on this blog yet, well, until now. I say unfortunately with a pinch of salt because if anyone experiences the teething stages you know how dramatic it can become. Luckily over the past year I haven’t had many experiences of teething. Imogen has been amazing at getting most of her teeth at the same time and we haven’t had the tooth troubles in a while.

Yesterday with a stroke of not so much luck we were hit by the teething fairy again. The back teeth are making their first appearances and it reminded me of the newborn days. Back when Imogen would nibble on my fingers at 10 weeks old. The cries and wailing and trying every solution known to man. Teething toys, gels, frozen treats.

Right now we are powering through 32 degrees of heat and it’s unbearable, especially when she’s teething and burning up as it is. So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite tips and tricks to use when it’s teething time.

Tips for Teething.


Firstly medicine. It’s not something I use often in this house for myself or my daughter. We use it when it’s really needed as I personally. Calpol is your friend and if you follow the instructions it’ll help calm them down instantly. Getting babies and toddlers to have it is a different story. Try dipping it on their dummy if they take one. Using the syringe and putting it in the lid of a babies bottle to get them to suck it. And if they’re old enough, try to explain that it will help them feel better. It’s not easy when they hate it, but it does help.

Teething Granules.

Heaven in an invention. I even use these when my wisdom teeth start going crazy and it helps take the pain away so so quick and numbs the area. There’s no taste, no tingling or anything. They’re so so good and I know a lot of parents use Anbesol but the ones from Ashton & Parsons work amazing. They’re a bit pricey but honestly so worth it.


If your child takes a soother, then run it under a cold tap and stick it in the freezer. It’s freezing cold which is great for their gums and helps cool them down.

Pillow Cases.

A bit of an odd tip which I heard about last year from I cant remember where. When it comes to hot summer nights and teething where your child is a bit hot, stick their pillow cases in the freezer a couple of hours before they go to bed. It works a treat. It means it’s a nice cold pillow for them to rest their head on and helps the restlessness ease off.

Frozen Treats.

Depending on the age of your child you could make fruit ice lollies, yoghurt lollies, even some pineapple sticks. Something to help chew on the area and cool and soothe it will make them feel better.


I can’t tell you how many times when my little one was a baby and up at 4am teething and we would cuddle watching In The Night Garden on the sofa. Put on their favourite tv show, their favourite toy, book or even sing a song to them. Distractions work miracles and helps them to focus on something that isn’t the pain.

Teething toys.

Over the last two years we’ve tried so many different teething toys and accessories and if I’m honest, different teething toys worked at different stages. We’ve tried necklaces, rings,  toys. All sorts. When it comes to these, it’s a hit and miss subject because it’s what works best for your child. However, the teething necklaces DO double up as a funky necklace for you to wear.

The unfortunate things : Nappies.

With teething a lot of the time you notice the dirty nappies being well, runny. They can tend to break out in nappy rash and things as it does tend to be loose. Try and feed them (if they’re on a weaning journey or a bit older) more solid foods. Stick to things full of fibre as it’ll help their digestive system cope better.

And there we have it, my top tips for teething! Anything you would recommend? Let me know below!

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teething tips and tricks ohluna


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