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As we’re in a heatwave it’s got me thinking about my summer bucket list. I have a life long bucket list of amazing goals to try and achieve, but it’s all the little things I want to do this year. Summer is meant to be about fun with family and friends so I created this summer bucket list so that it’s for spending time with both. I want this year to be all about creating memories to look back on, even if it’s just doing the simple things.

I’ve thought hard about this list as it’s full of simple experiences that I can either do them by myself, with my toddler or my family and friends. Here are my 25 things to do this summer.

My summer bucket list.

Have a picnic once a week.

Play at the park with friends (and our children).

Go fruit picking.

Visit lavender fields.

Go to the beach.

Go to an aquarium.

Visit a museum.

Finger paint.

Visit a national trust park.

Make homemade playdoh.

Bake a vegan cake.

Make a bird feeder.

Feed the ducks.

Go to the library.

Go on a nature walk in the woods.

Visit the Zoo.

Make wishes with dandelions.

Plant flowers.

Make and sail paper boats.

Make a blanket fort.

Plant cress seeds.

Make a homemade pizza.

Go rock hunting.

Make puppets.

Mark heights on door frames.


And there we have it! 25 things to do this summer that are suitable for toddlers too! I think I’m most keen to make a bird feeder as we don’t really get to see them in our garden. What are your plans for this summer? Let me know below.

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