cheap coffee over ice recipe from home ohluna

If you’re a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford to buy iced drinks everyday then try this simple coffee over ice recipe. With summer fast approaching it’s refreshing to be able to have a cold coffee in the morning to wake you up. And it’s honestly super easy to make you’ve probably wondered why you haven’t made coffee over ice before.

I kind of hate hot drinks. I’ve never been a fan and it always put me off having coffee in the first place. So instead of making it with hot water, I started using cold. To make it colder, I used ice. It works such a treat that I’ve started making it for R too.

Coffee Over Ice Recipe.

Things you will need:

A glass.

Your favourite instant coffee.

Ice cubes.

Sugar – if you take it.

And a teaspoon.


Firstly, add your usual amount of coffee granules and sugar intake into the glass. I normally used one heaped spoonful of both.

cheap coffee over ice recipe from home ohluna

Then add cold water into the glass until about third of the way. Stir for around thirty seconds. If you put more sugar in, it might not dissolve and will sink to the bottom. Top up with a little more water until it’s 2/3rds full.

cheap coffee over ice recipe from home ohluna

Add 3-4 ice cubes to the glass.

Lastly, pour your desired milk over the ice and watch the beautiful swirl of colours!


cheap coffee over ice recipe from home ohluna

coffee over ice recipe

It’s honestly so simple, so quick and easy to do. I recommend adding a reusable straw if you’re like me and add a LOT of ice! The recipe is so adaptable for everyone’s preferences, try using soya milk for a vegan and dairy free alternative. My personal favourite is to use L’OR or Illy instant coffee. They’re so smooth and taste amazing!

Have you ever tried to make coffee over ice at home? Let me know below!

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