ohluna tame and frame brow pomade review

I’ve always been interested in different brow products that take to the market. It’s hard to find a decent brow pomade for a fraction of the ABH cult classic and I purchased the NYX Brow & Tame on a whim. I think for only £6.50 it’s worth a good go! As someone who loves their eyebrows but barely have any thickness it’s important for me to be able to create a bit of depth to my brows.

I struggle to find the perfect medium brown that isn’t too ashy or too warm. I’ve struggled with many high street products over the years and have always stuck to my trusty and faithful Brow This Way by Rimmel. But I fancied a change. Something new to try so here we are.

ohluna tame and frame brow pomade review

Initial Thoughts.

My first thoughts is that it reminds me of ABH from their packaging and it seems a similar product. The pomade is a great mid to dark brown shade that is slightly warm but not too much for it to look like a warm product on your face. It doesn’t come with a brush to apply it so I’ve been using an angled eyeliner brush to apply brushstrokes to the front of my eyebrows and to shape out the brow. I then fill in the rest of my brow with a flat shadow brush.

The pomade is very easy to apply and since I’ve been using a similar product for years, it’s not made any difference when transitioning. IF you’re new to pomades, then perhaps take your time and try not to carve out your brow all in one go. What I will say about this pomade is that it’s slightly dry after the first use. It’s not crumbly or dry dry by any means. However I don’t see it lasting out as long as my trusty Brow This Way. As you can see below it’s not my best application since having this product but I think it works well. That’s if you look past my unplucked brows.

ohluna tame and frame brow pomade review


One of the upsides to this particular pomade however is that it is not only smudge proof but waterproof. I’ve personally tested it and left the product on, slept in it (yeah I know) and smudged it and it wouldn’t budge without cleaning it. I guess that could be a reason as to why it might be a bit on the dry side. Maybe the test of time will prove me wrong.

Final thoughts and opinions

So in my honest opinion I really do like the product. I think it wears well and looks great. For some reason I still prefer my old favourite. Perhaps it’s the consitency of it that makes it slightly easier to work with. Although for now I haven’t picked it up since having the NYX Tame and Frame pomade in my life. And doesn’t that say something?!

Have you tried the NYX Tame and Frame pomade yet? Let me know!

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  1. October 4, 2018 / 12:38 am

    Your brows looks amazing! I’ve never used pomades but getting tired of pencils running out so quickly! Might have to give this one a go!

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