My new years resolutions


Every year I make new years resolutions. I either A. Make them and forget about them. Or B. Make them and keep putting them off. I give myself this false sense of ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ even though I will just continue to put myself off of them. So this year, I’ve decided to do something similar but something completely different with my new years resolutions.


So last year, on my old blog, I gave myself some goals to achieve. I actually managed to smash them before half of the year was through. I was so proud of myself and at the same time it left me just sailing and sitting comfortably and not striving for more. This year, I’m going to do the same thing, set myself achievable goals, a little bit above what I think I can actually do and some goals that will smash them to smithereens.


I’m not just talking about the same old. I want to set goals this year for myself, for my family, for my blog, for our home, and for our future and savings. I want to have many many goals. I want to keep myself proactive. And well, I’m the sort of person that has to strive for something, and look forward to something and will obsess over it until it’s over and done with. To give you some ideas of what I am making my goals this year here are a couple of mine for this year.


Launch the blog.

I actually put off writing this blog for a long time. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to launch it – I did. I’ve waited for the right time. Rather than rush the process I’ve took my time. And tried to do it all properly in one go. Whether it works or not, you’ll be able to tell when you see this!


Go back to work.
I actually enjoy working and striving for bigger and better, and with having so much time off from having Imogen and doing what was actually best for our family, I am looking forward to working again this year.


Start a savings account for Imogen.
This is something I’ve wanted to do for her since before she was born. We’ve never been in a position to really start anything for her, as we were saving to move into our first home together. Now I plan to save something little every month even if it’s £1 and try and build up a bigger amount each month for her to have when she’s older.


Paint the house.
We have a great relationship with our landlord and she’s okay for us to paint the walls as long as they’re neutral which suits us perfectly. So we’re taking a week off together to combat and paint all the bedrooms white. And to get things the way we really want.


And that’s some of my goals for this year! Honestly, I have a lot more than that, and I’m going to keep track of them in a little diary and see how long it takes me to smash them all and go beyond. I hope I’ve inspired you to not just make resolutions such as ‘joining the gym’ with no real intention of every stepping foot in one. Try and make goals that are in arms reach such as taking an extra 1000 steps a day and aim to smash it in a few months time by doing an extra 3000 steps. Or instead of reading a book a month, try to read a book a week. Something that isn’t straining but will make you happy.


With all that in mind, what are you making your new years resolutions or goals?  


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