My top tips to being proactive with shorter days.

top tips to being proactive with shorter days ohluna

Autumn is in full swing there’s honestly no denying it. There are just so many things I love about autumn and as much as it’s a great season it’s also dark. We’ve had one of the longest summers I can remember since getting sunburnt by falling asleep revising in high school, and believe me that was a long time ago now!  As it is getting darker I wanted to share with you my tips on dealing with shorter days. To make the best out of the gloomier days upon us.

Anyone else feel like the year just flew by then all of a sudden we’re back into wearing jumpers?! I keep seeing tweets and Instagrams of girls wearing dresses with no tights and then I realise they’re from London, not Manchester. In the north west we’re getting a wee bit chilly.

Set your alarm earlier.

Okay so I know this sounds a little crazy and for those of you who have to get up super early anyway just listen. Even if you set it so it’s 10 minutes earlier just so you can get a brew in peace. Or if you’re like me, set an early alarm clock and even though it’s still dark out, by the time you’ve got your morning chores done the sun will be up and you’ll be on the school run!

Invest in good lighting.

We’re lucky to live in a house with a lot of lighting but unfortunately if there’s no light outside it isn’t going to work is it? Try to buy bulbs that give off the ‘white’ glow rather than a warm glow as personally always makes me 10 times more tired.


top tips to being proactive with shorter days ohluna

Put your dressing gown next to your bed.

Whether you’re the kind of person who keeps the heating on low, or someone who snuggles under 50 blankets this is for you. I always keep my dressing gown right next to my side of the bed so I can get straight up and put it on and keeping warm the entire time. It just makes me want to get out of bed quicker than not doing so. Simple really!

Go for a walk.

Make a point of going for a walk every day. Whether it be to the park where I go with my daughter. A walk around the shops. Or just around your neighbourhood. To get out and get fresh air can help you feel more motivated even on the dreariest day.

Changing up your diet.

I am no nutritionist but I know what makes me feel better is eating more vegetables. This time of year always reminds me of soups and stews and seasonal veg and oranges. I think incorporating more into your diet will not only make you feel warm and fuzzy but good for your health too. My top tip is to prepare a few different vegetables, throw in some vegetable stock  and into the slow cooker. By the time it’s tea time it smells amazing and you’re not spending all night cleaning and draining more time by cooking a big meal. Nothing crazy, you won’t spot me eating kale any time soon I promise!

Making lists

If you’re new here then welcome. If you’ve been here a while then welcome back to my ever obsession with lists. Lists always get you far. They work well for everything because not only do I keep on track but every time I smash something on the list I feel 100 times better. I write to do lists of chores, shopping, what I want to do with my daughter on her days off from nursery, blogging and more. So to keep on track I write a daily list and a weekly list so even if I don’t smash it in one day, I carry it on to the next. It helps me not to deflate even when I feel like utter crap and the skies are black. Try it. Get out all of your thoughts on to paper and smash that crossing out when it’s done!

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