My October goals

monthly goals ohluna blogtober

I’m creating a new monthly series because there’s nothing I love more than goals and lists. Everywhere you look in my house there’s a list for a list but it helps to motivate me and remind me of what I want in my life. So starting with this month, I’m going to list out all my goals and in next months post see if I did them and talk about new goals.

It creates something to look forward to, something to push towards and well. By putting it on the internet it means I gotta do it before someone calls me out on it!

My monthly goals are aimed towards my blog mainly but will also include personal goals too. Nothing extreme but achievable and to build towards my yearly goals. When it’s something that’s not EASY but within reach, it makes you want to work harder for it. And to be able to say I’VE DONE IT when looking back will be a proud moment.


monthly goals ohluna blogtoberMy October goals.

Reach over 1000 blog views.

I’m a little bit flakey when it comes to promoting my blog. I’ll be honest about it. Half of the time I’ve posted blog posts and not promoted it. I need to push myself and just remind myself that I wont get anywhere without doing it myself. It’s all up to me. I’m on track to doing it this month and have been very close the past couple of months so I’m hoping this month will be the right one!

Gain over 100 new followers and follow new people.

Again, a bit flakey. I’m not one to follow for the sake of a follow back. I don’t follow everyone back either. I like my feed to be personal and for me to enjoy so with that being said I do want to follow some new people. Realistically I want to follow those I will interact with, enjoy their feeds or find inspirational so that’s my mission this month.

Create an email signature.

I was speaking to my friend Jemma about this yesterday who you might know from Dorkfaceblog. Sometimes I feel a bit silly when signing off an email as I didn’t have a signature like some of those that send to me and thought ‘DING’ why don’t I make one?! So that’s another task for me to complete this month.

Nail Blogtober.

Blogtober is the time of year where we all write everyday for the month of October. Sounds swell doesn’t it? Except for when you’re doing a million other things and have a daughter to look after and go OH SHIT and panic around 10pm then it’s not so great. My aim is to be able to post everyday, and for those I will inevitably miss, to catch up on. I want to make sure I post 31 posts this month and if not more. I have every single post I want to do this month planned but sometimes I rarely get to finish a brew in peace so forgive me if it’s not as consistent as I would like.

And there we have it. For this month I’ve just set up a couple of goals just while I’m working my way through blogtober. I think that next month I think there will be a few more on the list for me to work through. For now though I think this is something for me to be able to achieve.

What are your goals for this month?


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