Role playing from an early age with My First baby Annabell

my first baby annabelle ohluna

When I was a child I remember playing ‘House’ with my friends and my dolls. We would always get together in the street and pretend to be the mummy and daddy and the babies ect. It helped us explore the values of family, our roles as each person and let our imaginations run wild. The importance of role playing from an early age can be crucial. I’ve found that since teaching my daughter to ‘share’ with her My First Baby Annabell Doll and ‘feed her’ it’s helped her to be more confident around people and I want to explain a little bit more.

my first baby annabelle ohluna

I always had certain visions when I was pregnant that my daughter wouldn’t wear pink or play with dolls because I didn’t want society making her into a ‘girly girl’ and subjective. When in reality, she loves pink, along with every single colour on the spectrum. We let her have the choice when it comes to choosing whether it be toys or food. From my point of view, I know my mum would have her wearing frilly pink dresses and push a dolls pram. Where as I want her to wear what she wants and play with what she wants. Both of our views combine at times. We leave it entirely up to my daughter.

Since becoming a mum however I like to encourage her to play with dolls and role play at home. You can read some of our favourite actitivties together here. We ‘feed’ the baby either the bottle or she shares food from her wooden kitchen with her. She will tell me that she wants her changing into her little dress like hers instead of the sleepsuit that comes with the My First Baby Annabell Doll. She will tell me to ‘burp’ her where I have to make a fake burp noise. We will also go ‘shhhh baby sleep sleep’ when she lies her down and puts a cushion over her. It’s honestly the little things in role playing such as this, that helps her to understand about not only babies but family too.

my first baby annabelle ohluna

We’ve found that since using the My First Baby Annabell doll she has become a lot more involved with wanting to play with her dolls. And the activities that surround them. She loves to help get her undressed, feed her, wipe her face, make her go to sleep and more. Imogen’s become so much more confident and her little proud face when she completes one after the other is incredible. She loves the little dress we were gifted alongside the doll and forever requests for her to be changed.

my first baby annabelle ohluna

It’s encouraging her to learn about not only the role of a mummy or daddy but what a baby is. She’s building her confidence more and more each day and becomes proud when completing a task herself without me. I think that the importance of letting a child role play, by playing with dolls, pretending to be a police officer ect helps them to think of a story on the spot.

Has the importance of learning ever impacted you when selecting toys to purchase? Let me know below.

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