Making a rented house a home series: Dining room edition.

ohluna desenio dining room house into a home

This series is something that I’ve wanted to start on my blog for the longest time. I’ve wanted to share with you the ways we’ve turned our rented house into a home.  To start the series I wanted to share with you my favourite room in the house. The dining room. It’s the in between room of the front family room and the kitchen. As it’s the middle room it’s a mix of it being a mix of mine and R’s personalities with a touch for Imogen too.

The reason I love this room so much is that it’s such a functional room and the mess is kept to a minimum. We spend all our time in here either eating, myself being on the laptop, or getting creative doing arts and crafts. I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed this room especially during our first summer in the house because of the light. It just gets so much light in due to the patio doors and it makes it that much more welcoming.

ikea rug monochrome geometric oh lunaA statement rug.

This room honestly feels more like home with this rug. It’s a bold geometric print rug from IKEA and even though my other half had his eye on this for years I always was unsure. Now I couldn’t see the dining room without it. It’s such a sturdy rug instead of something fluffy so it works well with a child who throws food around.

monstera ohluna


There’s nothing better than greenery in your home. Not only does it brighten the place up, it just makes it feel more homely. Even if you’re bad at keeping plants like me (not this Monstera, I’ve actually been nurturing it beyond belief as it was infected) buy some fake ones, it’ll cheer up the place!

ohluna dining room rented house to home

White table and chairs

Probably not the wisest decision in the house with a toddler around however this table is super wipe clean and nothing has stained and and no marks (yet) in over 6 months. The table is from Ikea however it wasn’t on the show floor, I found it online. And the Eiffel style chairs are from Amazon and cost £60 for all 4! It’s just a spacious desk and we use it for arts and crafts, dinner time, when I’m doing work on the laptop it means that Imogen can climb up and sit with me. I want to find a new table runner as you might spot this is a little too small for longways which is what I wanted!


Before I get into the details, I reached out to Desenio as I loved the look of their prints and thought they would be a great addition to our home. This is a sponsored post however as always my opinions are entirely honest and I would not let it change or sway my opinion.

ohluna desenio prints

That being said, I chose a couple of prints that I thought would be great for Imogen’s room but as it’s being renovated right now, we’ve put them above her desk for her to look at. Imogen’s favourite thing in the world is cats, so we got the Cats poster for her. I also chose a map that I think will look sweet in her room and a cute pineapple print that I want to steal for myself!

Each of the prints are printed on matte premium paper and are actually great quality. I was really impressed considering how funny I can be about paper thickness having done art for years, but I’m seriously just impressed.

Cats/Dream Big Little One/Pineapple


positivity quotes ohluna

Another print I picked up was this positive thinking poster. Sometimes you just need to take a little breather and remember how powerful you really are. I’m not the sort of person who enjoys quotes but this one really spoke to me and I think it’s nice having it to see every day.

ohluna dining room rented house

Desenio prints ohluna

Palm leaves/Your Mind/


As you can see the poster is situated above our shelving units. This is probably my happy place. We hold all our vinyls, my books and a few knick knacks that we keep high away from Imogen’s peering hands. Above you can see the two prints that I wish I got a bit bigger as they would look a lot better as statement pieces. I do love them and my colour co-ordinated books just makes me feel a bit more organised compared to the chaos of my every day life!

oh luna blog homemade chalkboard

Functional chalkboard.

Last but not least this is something that was actually here when we moved into the house. Our landlord made this for her children and it would be a waste not to share it with you all. She just got a few thin strips of mdf and painted them white and painted the wall in chalkboard paint. Wallah, it made a chalkboard. It’s such a cool and simple idea and we LOVE it in our house. We’re forever drawing fruit, cats and writing 1-10.

And there you have it! Honestly, I would love to have proper shelving and more plants but little mitts keep destroying the ones we have. So for now we’re laying off it until the right time. What do you think? I can’t wait to share more of the series!The code “ohluna” gives 25% off posters* on all our sites between July 31st and August 2nd. 
*Except for frames and handpicked/collaboration posters. 

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This post is sponsored by Desenio. All thoughts and opinions are 100% truthful and my own.

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  1. August 6, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    This looks so fab, and such nice prints too! 🙂 I love how much light you get in here, I’m jealous! It’s hard to find a good space for light in ours!

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