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makeup revolution conceal and define concealer ohluna

A lifetime later I finally was able to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. I hate shopping online as I always get the shades wrong. Every single time it happens, it’s just a curse. It’s took over 9 months later to be able to try in store. As every Youtuber seemed to brag about the concealer being a dupe for Tarte’s shape tape. There’s honestly no surprise it was so hard to find.


Whilst I was in store I was lucky to be able to see pretty much the entire shade range. I found that I was a mix between C2 and Banana but stuck to c2 to be on the safe side. Banana would be the better shade for when I fake tan but I’m staying pale for a little while.


My first impression is that it looks a bit more expensive than £4. It’s nowhere near a luxe high end product when it comes to packaging but definitely is a rival of those on the high street. The doe foot applicator is quite short and thick due to the bottle being smaller and wider. At first I was a bit dubious. I’ve been so attached to my Collection (anyone else still say 2000 after it?!) Lasting Perfection concealer and it’s applicator. On first try I dotted it to see how far the product would spread. Since then I’ve just gone in and applied it the exact same way as my Collection concealer.

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer ohluna

I actually really like this product. Under my eyes I suffer from dark circles and well, the start of wrinkles. On the wrong side of 25 I’ve started to crease under my eyes which I hide with a good coating of bottom lash mascara. It doesn’t seem to crease up as bad as it did with my usual concealer so that’s the first thing I approve of.


Secondly, it’s barely transferred any mascara onto my face. I say this as someone with long eyelashes that everything seems to transfer onto my under eyes. To me this would say that the concealer is matte but honestly it really isn’t that bad. I suffer from combination to dry skin and dread the word matte when it comes to base makeup but well. This is a bit of a game changer. It’s not too matte that it makes it feel dry but matte enough that it works amazingly.


So far it’s lasted on my skin all day and I’ve not wanted to reapply it at all. I’m honestly so excited by this and Makeup Revolution are launching some amazing products lately. I can’t wait to try and create a cut crease and see how it works for it!


Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer yet?

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