Learning about insects with my daughter. Ant World review.

ant world review ohluna

As a child I always wanted an Ant World. I would always see it on American films about the ‘nerdy’ kid having an ant or worm farm of a sort and it always made me want to have one myself. I always thought the way you could watch them create tunnels and to see their abilities was crazy in a good way.

After talking over on Twitter, I was kindly sent the Nick Baker’s Ant World to review in return. All those years of asking my mum for one and her fear of having an ant infested house have finally paid off. I thought it would be ace to explore it not only for my own, but to show Imogen the world we live in without fear of her stomping on them. That’s how toddlers think.

ant world review ohluna

On to the kit.

Inside the kit you are equipped with all the parts to help set up including a booklet with lots of information about ants. Quick instructions to set up, and more in depth instructions. You also receive in the kit contents the plastic ant world housing frame, a magnifying bowl to help look at the ants and attach them to the farm, shades, stickers for scenery, feeding pipette and tunnelling sand. Myself and Imogen set up the farm in no time. She sat there happily curious as to what mummy was doing.

ant world review ohluna

The kit was easy enough to set up but not so easy for a toddler which you can understand. Together made it great for learning but also bonding more too. Now the tricky part. It’s come to my attention that my garden doesn’t have any ants. After searching for a week, we simply didn’t have any. So for this party, we roped in my mums garden creatures.

It was a heck of a lot harder capturing ants that I could’ve imagined. I tried using the fine end of a paintbrush as it says in the instructions, but it didn’t work.  I tried the cup and paper technique but that didn’t work out well either. Eventually I managed to capture a measly two just by using the tube. It was a struggle. I’ll admit it. Maybe I’m getting slow around these fast little creatures, but I would recommend to also buy the ants from Interplay. The manual recommends around 30-40 ants to properly see the tunnels forming. Obviously we’ve not had much luck ourselves, so we need to make another trip to my mums to find some more.

ant world review ohluna

I think it’s a great way to learn and explore insects and the ant world. It’s fascinating to see how they interact. As well as getting my daughter involved and help her learn more about the world we live in. It was great having that little bit of childhood I always wanted, but I can’t wait for it to fully evolve.

Have you ever had an insect farm?

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