As you may have spotted on my social media, today my daughter Imogen turned two years old. She’s been on this planet with us for two whole years and blessed us with cheeky smiles, stealing my food, dramatic tantrums, strange phrases and 101 milestones. There are so many things I would like to say and write about but honestly. I’m just going to enjoy my time with her right now and write that another day.

It’s been incredible being able to be a mama to such an amazing little human, knowing that I’m the one who is bringing her up but it’s also tough. I’ve wrote all about my struggles as a stay at home mum here. I just wanted to share some photographs with you all from the past two years, including a week old baby Imogen to start. I know this isn’t my usual type of blog post, but I rarely share many images of her unless it’s on Instagram and well. Not everything fits to the feed.  Enjoy.


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