How I met my boyfriend.

Everyone is a little nosey when it comes to stories about how people meet their other halves. Whether we’re just curious, one for romantics or hoping there is another way that’s not Tinder. We can crave that hope that it isn’t just fuck boy central out there. As we’re nearly on our 3rd anniversary together I thought I’d share it for the world to see. How I met my boyfriend is a bit of whirlwind in itself.

how I met my boyfriend online ohluna

How we started talking to each other.

Myself and Reece started talking through Tumblr when we were 17. I remember video chatting him when I woke up still drunk the day after my 18th birthday. It was just one of those moments where we both had been following for a while and one of us plucked up the courage to talk to the other. Neither of us can remember who did at the time but I suspect it was me asking him something stupid. 

What happened next.

I was very very self conscious at the time. Meeting up with someone from the internet who had built a picture of you already in their heads was hard for me to get over. I never think I’m good enough sadly and I freaked out. He wanted to meet up in Manchester and well I kinda ghosted him. I was too nervous about meeting someone I really liked and thinking “Oh she’s fat and boring” and that being the end of it. In the end, he was pissed off as I never told him the real reason. I carried on with life through college and he dated people on and off. We followed each other and deleted each other on social media all the time. Never really talking but it was clear when there was someone in his life, that the likes ect went away.


I started dating a guy at the time I didn’t know he knew properly. This guy was pretty much a jerk and on our first date said how much of a loser Reece is. And honestly? I thought he was a prick about it but still carried on dating him. When R caught tail of it all, he messaged me like, what are you doing? That’s my friend. So I told him, he thinks you’re a prick and loser. He’s not your friend believe me. At the time, R was in a relationship with someone else. In fact he was engaged and I was bitter. I wasn’t being malicious about the situation, I was just giving him a head’s up. 

We got back in touch and finally met.

After that relationship ended I was left broken and didn’t date anyone. A few months down the line I got a message from R. All these years later we finally discussed what had happened and I apologised. He was at the end of a relationship and it got to a point where we were both working and could afford to travel to see each other. So we met up.

how I met my boyfriend online ohluna

I went to Leeds to have drinks with some friends who knew about the situation who were there just incase he wasn’t what he seemed (the internet ya know). And things just progressed from there. We went on maybe 3 dates within a week (and being from Manchester and working in Blackpool at the time and him from Huddersfield, thats a lot of train fare). We asked each other out at the same time watching Jurassic Park. As you do. Within a month, we went to London for a two day trip. Within two months, we went to Germany for my birthday.

And now.

As you can probably tell with the timeline, we have a two year old daughter and a 3 year relationship. Yep, that went very fast indeed but it’s the way it’s worked for us and continues to work. We’ve been challenged in our relationship from loss of jobs, ex’s trying to interfere, my health and mental health, him moving away from home to me. It’s not been easy and things we’ve faced haven’t been easy either. Just like any couple we have our tiffs but I couldn’t honestly do this with anyone else.

how I met my boyfriend online ohluna

It’s finally at a point where I feel comfortable to say, he likes me and isn’t just sticking by me for Imogen’s sake. Believe me that’s been a huge doubt in my mind! Not from his part, but getting over past experiences isn’t that easy. Got to love broken pasts and all that. But I’m finally HAPPY. Genuinely can’t believe we’ve made it to three years already. Can’t wait to look back on this and say four, five and more.

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  1. Emma
    July 13, 2018 / 10:58 am

    Such an adorable story! I’m so glad you found happiness together!
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