Getting fussy toddlers to eat more fruit and veggies with Baby Led Spreads.

baby led spreads review ohlunaLately we’ve been having a difficult time with Imogen. We’ve hit the terrible two’s and everything seem’s to be ‘YUCK!’. From strops in the middle of shops to chanting and shouting ‘no thank you no thank you no thank you’ to pretty much everything is getting tougher.

We’re trying to follow her lead and listen to her as much as we can but we also have to be parents at the end of the day. Something that we’re finding difficult is meal times. Her palette is becoming more select and where as she avoided big carb foods such as bread, certain types of pasta, rice and potato. Now it’s becoming worse as she’s avoiding foods she has LOVED since the beginning of her weaning journey. As a person that was raised with a select palette and only tried little different foods, I don’t want that for my daughter. I want her to explore and enjoy different tastes and textures.

Going back to the roots.

Taking it back, I decided to try and do the weaning style of methods and try and hide more fruit and veg into her food. One of the things we liked to do in the past was use up puree’s that we had or even made in as many ways as we could. Just not to waste food and to make sure she was getting as much good food in her and filling her up. One thing I used to make was pasta with a bit of salad on the side and I used to use any tomato’ style sauce/puree that we had in the pasta. Another one that is a big hit is making our own mini pizzas.

baby led spreads review ohluna

Baby Led Spreads

I was contacted by the brand Baby Led Spreads about their puree’s and I honestly thought it was great timing. The brand was started by Keith that wanted to make a change in career’s and was motivated by his own children and creating sauces for them. He personally BLW and puree fed his children all different sauces he made and used them for sandwiches, jacket potatos and more. If you have a look at the website you can read all about his story. 

baby led spreads review ohluna

What I personally love about Baby Led Spreads is that it’s not encouraging either way of feeding. You can use them for both. This is why I use it in my own cooking to try and get my daughter to eat more veggies. She’s more likely to say no to if they were solid. BLS have different flavours and are suitable for different diets such as dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. That is depending on the flavour as well as no added salt which is always a great thing to hear as a parent.  

Getting creative!

So I decided to get Imogen feeling creative and independent by making her own dinner after a tantrum just previous. One of her favourite foods at the moment is Pizza. What she doesn’t know is that I don’t give her the soggy greasy pizzas from the takeaway that I hide until she’s asleep. We normally make ours from wraps or pittas! To get her to feel a bit creative I prepare some of her favourite toppings (today is tantrum central so this is all she wanted today). I chopped up some onions, mushrooms and mozzarella that we had left over else we’d normally use grated cheese!

baby led spreads review ohluna

Getting her involved in making her dinner is not only fun and creative for her. It makes her feel proud knowing that she’s done it and is building her confidence. We start by making the base using the Baby Led Spread’s puree in Avocado, Red Pepper and Tomato. A little of this does go a long way when it comes to making pizzas! Then we put on our favourite toppings. I sprinkled a little bit of ground pepper on it for taste and then she added the mozzarella. As you can see she just got a bit excited about mixing everything but she loved it! We put them under the grill to cook and as they are just a wrap base. They can get quite flimsy so be careful taking them out. I like to fold ours in on each other and cut it into sections. Apparently it was too good and by the time I finished making them all, Imogen had scoffed it! 

What we think?

The Baby Led Spreads are a hit for us and although my daughter is two and a half. I don’t see any shame in using them to encourage her to eat different foods! She loved getting creative and now when she see’s the jars in the cupboard shouts ‘making pizza!’. And is none the wiser that she’s eating food she would otherwise turn her nose up at. You can read all about Baby Led Spreads here.

Have you ever thought to use puree’s to feed a fussy toddler? Let me know below!

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*Just to note we were gifted the spreads to review in return of a blog post. All opinions and words as always are my own. Believe me, Imogen scoffed the lot so they are a huge hit!


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