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If you hadn’t noticed by now, over the last week the theme has been about my daughter. Imogen turned 2 years old this past week and as amazed as I am by keeping her alive this long, I’m surprised by our journey together.  Parenting has it’s roundabouts, it’s mood swings and curve balls. Yep, all three. So I wanted to talk about the positive instead of being a negative nancy, and share our favourite activities and things to do together.

About a month ago now, she started to finally sleep through the night without climbing into our bed halfway through. I’ve wrote all about our co-sleeping journey here and my thoughts on it. However, I loved waking up in the morning to having her in our bed with us. If she would wake before us she would tap us to wake up and have a cuddle and kisses before going downstairs. If I woke before her, I got to see her at her most precious state. I miss it I admit, but having a year of that was glorious.

Morning routine.

When we get up in the morning, I am not a morning person. I might be up and at ’em and try to get as much done as possible in the morning but the first half an hour, I need to wake up with a coffee and prepare her breakfast. So we both have our morning drinks and a bigger cuddle on the sofa. This is whilst I have a quick catch up on my phone and the news, and she watches a couple of cartoons. It’s just our sacred time.

ohluna blog activities with toddlers


I enjoy taking her to the library or reading her abundance of books every day. Imogen doesn’t yet go to nursery, but I try my best to make sure she learns words everyday. At the moment she is learning rapdily and saying phrases and more words than I realised she knew. She’s been a quiet mouse until this year with her speech but it’s incredible. We enjoy the library because it was my favourite place and even though I don’t get to read as much now, she enjoys it fully and I get to read with her.  You can see some of our favourite’s here.


One of her favourite things to do is to play with her Alphabet Abacus. My brother and his girlfriend bought one for Immy for Christmas and she loves it. She learns new words every day from it and likes to tell me as many of them as she can say. She is much more confident since using it and is really proud when she learns a new word. It’s helping with her speech drastically.


We love to bake together. I’m not the best baker in the world and I’ve come from a family that can’t bake to save their lives. So slowly but surely I’ve been trying some recipes for us all to enjoy and she really loves to get involved and as messy at the kitchen get’s it’s a lot of fun. She loves baking as it’s easy to do without risk. Helping me make fritters. Anything including pinching the vegetables out of the drawer and hiding them.

ohluna blog activities with toddlers

Art’s and crafts.

She sure is a crafty kid, and loves anything to do with paint, glue, colouring which she has from me rather than her dad and I love setting up the table. When it’s miserable and we can’t do much, I love to set up lots of paints for her to explore with, and I even paint alongside her. I’ve treasured nearly every scribble and painting since she started at 1 and nearly a year later, she’s going to need quite a few portfolios to match mine.


Pretty much every other day I take her to our local parks. She isn’t really interested in climbing or playing on swings but is more interested in playing in the sand and collecting sticks and flowers. Last week she climbed up the medium slide and went down by herself three times which in itself is a massive accomplishment. She’s just not interested normally. We love to take a little picnic and sit on a blanket on the grass before playing for an hour or two.

Mummy and daughter time.

This might sound odd, but I enjoy the mornings when I put my makeup on and she joins me. Imogen’s seen me put makeup on every other day since she was born and understands how I use my brushes and sponge. She pretends to put my makeup on for me and even blends ‘my eyeshadow’. I just think it’s really sweet how she’s perceptive and wants to help mummy paint her face.

Running around the garden.

We love to play in our little garden too. When it’s warm we get the paddling pool out for her to have a splash about in, and since it’s no longer freezing she enjoys playing in her sandpit. Sometimes, I get to enjoy a brew before being roped in to make sandcastles for her to destroy.


It’s honestly the little things. We’ve gone on days out to aquariums, zoo’s, farms, museums, shopping you name it we’ve probably done it. But as we have our little routine going, it makes spending time together important and fun. We’re comfortable and I try to get her to explore as much as I can from home or nearby.  What are you favourite simple things to do with your children? Let me know below!


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