New york city NYC ohluna lisa cowan

One place I always dreamed about visiting was the big New York City. Forever infatuated with every romantic comedy ever that starred the infamous city I was hooked. I was given the opportunity to go during my university days and since my love for NYC only grew fonder. The big city, the food, the quick pace, the amount of coffee shops, and just their way of life.

I was lucky to be able to go when I did. We crammed in so much during four days from print shows, to colleges, museums and Central Park. To shopping, drinking until daft time and getting up super early to be able to get a breakfast from the deli. It was after the new year, so it was cold and quiet but honestly felt warmer than England even in the snow. Just the perfect timing for a group of youths to run around a big city, where we didn’t have to elbow our way through anyone.

New york city NYC ohluna lisa cowan

Obviously being within a large group and still splitting up into smaller groups I didn’t get to view the big apple quite the way I wanted to. The quirky coffee shops, sitting at the steps at the Met and walking along the skyline. None of itt happened. We had to compromise everything and essentially I didn’t get to do anything I really wanted to do. Except for a run into Sephora for 10 minutes.

Lately I’ve found myself dreaming about revisiting the city. I’m in love with the whole vibe of New York and would jump at the chance to go again. As much as I want to go, I think it would be for a holiday as just me and R when we’re older. It can be child friendly but I don’t think it’s friendly for a child. I would rather go places with more to do for kids as a separate holiday. I never thought I would want to have a holiday without my little one, but I think an adult friendly break is healthy. Somewhere to step back, do a few thousand steps and end with a drink looking out over a rooftop terrace. I’m dreaming big here!

New york city NYC ohluna lisa cowan MOMA

Despite not being one for the theatre I can still remember singing New York New York walking past Times Square. Although it’s ever a tourist thirst trap, there’s always something magical about seeing the big lights for the first time.

New york city NYC ohluna lisa cowan

Lately I’ve found myself itching and wanting to go back. Watching vlogs upon vlogs of people in the big apple and hoping that soon it will once again be me. This has been a rant, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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