Creating a DIY scrapbook with LALALAB prints.

creating a diy scrapbook using prints from lalalab ohluna

Something that is really important to me are photo’s and memories. Being a 90’s child I remember having disposable cameras and having to wait for my mum to get them developed at the shop. Now with phones and camera’s everywhere I find that little excitement to see what the photo’s look like, have gone. With the times changing and trying not to sound like an old age pensioner (I’m twenty six thank you) I miss those days. There was nothing like flipping through a photo album that had peel back plastic and the sticky page to put all your favourite photo’s together. To mimic that nostalgia, I contacted the company LALALAB in hopes that they would like to work with me create not only a gift but a memory book. So I decided to create my own DIY scrapbook.

As it’s now passed I can openly post this online. I contacted LALALAB to work together as I wanted to create a little memory book for my mum. It was her birthday and I know that looking through a photo book is honestly one of mine and her favourite past times. So I knew that I wanted to create a little scrapbook/photo book from Imogen to commemorate her love for my mum since she was born. From photo’s in the delivery room to photo’s just weeks before. I could carefully select what I knew would be my mum’s favourites.

Using new technology to my advantage.

The beauty with using an online printing service is that it’s easy and quick to use. Whether you want 1 or 300 you can select all your favourites using just an app on your phone. And from a parent’s stand point, it means that I could pick out photographs that aren’t blurry from my daughter running wild. Or that dummy that we’re trying to get rid of!

creating a diy scrapbook using prints from lalalab ohluna

Getting creative

To create the scrapbook I used a few of my favourite markers, a little book from Paperchase that I bought years ago and totally forgot about and a couple of washi tapes. Let’s be honest it’s not the most spectacular thing you’ll ever see in your life but it is personal. And just as I guessed, my mum LOVED IT. To the point she took it to work to show it off to all of her work friends.

I knew that my mum would love such a personal gift and having all the photo’s on my phone just made it super easy to flick through. If you can excuse my dreaded handwriting above you can see how well the photo’s printed and how special these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures are. Just to state, I was the last one to get moved onto pen in primary school. They just gave up with me, ha!

creating a diy scrapbook using prints from lalalab ohluna

What I actually enjoyed most about making this little scrapbook is that we got to create it together. Not pictured is the huge reel of glittery silver washi tape that Imogen threw across the book itself. We’ll just leave that out. I also chose a few of their Polaroid style prints to match our actual Polaroids on the fridge. These are a little wider but look just as good. It’s just such a great option to be able to fake them as well, real Polaroids are expensive and the quality of these are just as incredible. The prints came just a couple of days after my order was placed, even though the due date was much further away. Which is always a bonus!

creating a diy scrapbook using prints from lalalab ohluna

A gift to you.

The lovely folk at LALALAB have created a special promotional code for you to use if you wish to. If you use OHLUNA you will receive a special discount of €8 or £ off your first order. And if you’ve already ordered before you can use it and get 25% off! And just to be crystal clear, all opinions on this blog post are my own. If I didn’t think the quality or the service was great I wouldn’t recommend them to you all. If the promotional code is used will mean that I get credits in return at no extra charge to yourselves. This is because it is an affiliate link.

So would you ever create your own DIY scrapbook as a sentimental gift to someone or for yourself? Let me know below!

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