Blog photography then and now. 2016 vs. 2018

Blog photography isn’t something that seems to come to me naturally. Heck. I went to college initially to study photography and was too scared of the dark rooms that I changed paths entirely. It was just such a deal breaker for me probably, from watching one too many horror films.

Back to the subject at hand, I’ve found that being restricted in my photography I genuinely thought I hadn’t progressed. There are props, lenses, backgrounds ect that I would LOVE to have and I know would be amazing for me, but alas, money doesn’t grow on tree’s. I work with what I have and looking back at my blog photography compared to now, I’m so proud of myself. It’s not much to the trendiest photographers or bloggers out there. But seeing how I’ve changed and my style just makes me grin if I’m honest. I’ve not found my exact style yet, but I’m getting there.

For those of you who didn’t follow my previous blog then you won’t know that I have been blogging since September 15′. On and off through the years I have actually blogged through different platforms, however that was the one I made the leap with for myself. I found out that I was pregnant. At the time I always wanted to start a blog and thought I was the first parent blogger. Yeah I know, I didn’t research enough clearly hah!

blog photography then and now ohluna

The picture on the left is from the first half of 2016. I went to a nearly new baby fair at the time and wanted to show my haul. On the right, is from April this year from a Boots and Superdrug makeup haul. On the left I used my old iphone so the quality isn’t there. The right is my Nikon D3300 with a kit lens. For obvious reasons the quality on both camera’s are completley different. The bookeh effect on the right compared to the static picutre on the left.

What stands out to me on these two photo’s is how I’ve styled them. On the left there is no background to it. No bits of colour or texture from an eye perspective. It’s flat and boring. On the right, there’s texture in the background, light without too much exposure trying to capture the perfect ‘white’ photo. In the foreground there is a ribbon which helps to create more depth.

Instagram before and after.

I’ve changed from trying to get the perfect light white monochrome style Instagram pictures to finding what seems to be my style. A lot of my blog photography work features greenery lately. With Spring and Summer I’ve been looking forward to brighter photos with greenery rather than the blue toned pics I was used to.

Below I’m showing you the difference two years makes when it comes to impacting photographs for Instagram. As I said earlier, over exposure, trying to create a white background to follow the monochromatic trend that was on Instagram. The quality isn’t the best from as it’s from an earlier iphone model. Back then, I thought I nailed it.

blog photography then and now ohluna

Then there is a picture I took earlier this week for the ‘gram. On a higher quality camera you can see the depth and all the colours so it’s not static and stands out in my feed rather than blending in with everything else. I was too busy trying to fit in, instead of just being myself and shooting what I wanted.

blog photography then and now ohluna

The future

Personally I think my blog photography has a long way to go. However I’m finally on my way to finding my own style. I’ve got big plans for this year and one of my blog goals is to progress with my photography.  And maybe get in front of the camera more!

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