Continuing with the theme of Autumn during my blogtober period, I wanted to share some Autumnal activities. I plan on doing as much as possible and creating a lot of different pictures and having as much fun as possible. My daughter is now two and a half and is even more creative than I could ever imagine. So here are some autumnal activities for toddlers as inspiration on what you could get upto this season!

Autumnal activities

Conker collecting

This is something that I love love love doing. I think it’s just such a simple activity to go outdoors and enjoy. We’re lucky we have so many chestnut trees near us. Finding them, in and out of their shells and collecting them to take home and display is just fun! As boring as that may sound.

Painting with pine cones

I heard about this through a friend. Collecting pine cones and then using them to make mark-making paintings. A new way for toddlers to explore textures and a way to get creative.

Pumpkin patch picking

Yet another thing I haven’t done. Ever. We went to go pumpkin picking last year but they were all taken so early! I’m hoping to take my daughter just to go running through the fields and be able to pick one for us to decorate. She’s scared of Halloween already. Any tips?!


There’s nothing more I love than baking. However baking with a toddler can be quite tricky at the best of times. Especially when you’re thinking about the floor that’s now covered in flour that you just mopped. My tips is to measure everything out what you need before getting your children involved. Or better yet just buy the mix that you just need to add an egg and water to. Might not be the best thing in the world but your child will appreciate it do damn much.

Jumping in leaves.

I love Autumn because of all of the fallen leaves and well, kicking, running and jumping through them all. I’m a big kid at heart. So I know that my daughter would love this too. It’s not a productive activity but it works well.

Sorting toys into colour order.

My daughter is a little on the spoilt side when it comes to toys. From her grandparent but it means that she’s lucky enough for us to use all the little toys she has to help with her learning. We love to count and by her seeing things physically helps her. Sorting them into the objects eg wooden cakes, dolls, cars. But also into colours. It’s a great way not only to help her to learn, but for me to sift through and get rid/sell/donate what she doesn’t use anymore!

Making leaf pictures.

There are so many different ways to get creative using leaves that you can collect with your little one. Such as dipping them in paint and making prints. Drawing around them and then colouring the picture in. Finding little leaves to stick to make a tree picture. It’s also another good way to sort into colours and shapes too!


Honestly the list can go on for days and days and you will probably think of more as you’re doing it. We’re going looking for acorns to be able to paint and colour sort together! I hope you found some inspiration in this post.

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  1. October 6, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    Am I crazy for wanting to bookmark this for the next few years?? haha. I love this!! Especially making leaf pictures! <3

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