A little life update.

a little life update ohluna

Today’s post isn’t quite what I had planned. But I’m just feeling happy and elated so I wanted to just make a little life update post to talk about everything. How are you? Got a cup of tea? Diet Coke? Good. I don’t know how long this is going to be. Probably not as long as Shane Dawson’s series though.

The good news. 

Earlier today I went for a group interview for one of my favourite stores ever. I’m not going to share the name on here until all the papers are signed but if you look hard enough on Twitter you will find it. Anyhow. It was my first real interview I’ve ever been to, and with it being a group interview it was even more nerve wracking. How do you stand out in a group when you’re anxious as hell? Blab about the time you worked in a launderette as a teen and had to wash your teachers undergarments! I must’ve made some sort of impression as I was offered a job! After all this time of just hoping someone would give me an interview because well, I’m actually a catch, it happened. Maybe no one else wanted the position I was after, or maybe my customer service skills stood out. It’s just had a domino effect of happiness.

What it means. 

You see. Having to wake up every day and search on my emails at job alerts. Looking at job boards, newspapers and searching for hours each day sucks. There are jobs out there. I’ve had trials for jobs. My experience in everything I applied for however was lacking and no one was willing to give me a chance. Now I get to go for my dream workplace and be able to not only focus on my family, but my blog too. Trying to fit something around my family is hard without having my daughter in nursery full time. Considering how well her being there two days a week is going, it wouldn’t have worked.

Struggles with Imogen.

I’ve written a little more in depth about my struggles with Imogen going to nursery. However it just seems to be getting extremely bad and we’re trying everything to make her happy. She’s got separation anxiety and it’s come at full force. Next week is half term for her, so we’re going to be back at square one. I just want her to be happy and being a stay at home mum now isn’t feasible for us anymore. It’s tough so if you have any tips, comment below. We’re trying everything.

My health. 

My health is hilarious. I’m going to talk about it here because I’m just frustrated now. I have been battling against GP’s and doctors who think that I have IBS. Since having Imogen I’ve had a pain above where my colon is, (near the stomach) and it comes and goes and is very painful. This is over two years now. Aka I haven’t been able to excersize because it puts me into pain just walking up the stairs. Which hand in hand with dramatic weight gain came anxiety and depression. I’ve fought a very long time for my case. It turns out that someone slipped that I have stones, gallstones or kidney stones I’m not 100%. So yet again, I’m having to fight because they seem to think everything is normal because they checked my colon and it was clear. It’s frustrating because sorry TMI but I do have IBS. I’ve had it for at least 5 years. But that isn’t my problem and no one is seeming to listen to it. Now I have to fight for my MRI results to prove that there’s something wrong. I just want to stop being in pain all the time ya know? So it might explain my constant whinging about pain at times. Don’t worry, this week it was the flu ha! Girl can’t catch a break.

So life now

After everything though, everything that I’ve been going through. I feel happy. Like I’m so excited to start a job in a place I already love, being able to get a bit of freedom and having more financial security. As much as I want to be with my daughter forever, I know this will be the best for both of us and I’m just so excited about the future!


So there we have a little life update from me. Blogtober has been a bit difficult with me having the flu and everything else going on but I’m going to make it work. Watch this space!


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