So this month I’ve joined the 5 things linky which is created by Rachael and Georgia. It’s a linky to get us mama’s to say 5 things we’re loving and not parenting related! We often neglect the things we love and enjoy and we’re full frontal mama’s. Now’s the time to show what exactly we’ve been loving and enjoying this past month!

The Alienist.

First things first, I’ve been enjoying watching TV quite a bit this past month. Just trying to get a couple of series in on the late nights with R when he’s in from work. So we can just enjoy each others company really. After a couple of series, this is one that took turns that I didn’t actually expect and was really gripping after a couple of episodes. If you’re into crime, American period drama.

The weather.

Oh can I be anymore of a typical Brit? Probably not. I’ve LOVED the weather this past month. It’s making everything so much easier. Laundry? Done. Going out without packing the kitchen sink? Check. It’s nice to be able to go and have picnics this past month (we’ve had 5!) and I’m really loving it.

Love Island.

Okay okay don’t shoot me or eye roll. I’ve honestly been loving it and I’ve never really watched TV like this. The only reality TV I watch is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I don’t watch anything on the telly I just tend to click on to Netflix. So, I’m seriously loving the drama and all the tit for tat. It’s hilarious and addictive.

Finland gifts.

So last month my sister went to Finland for her friends wedding which I’m super jealous about. Finland is one of the countries I’ve always wanted to visit and soak up the culture. She was kind enough to send over some gifts for myself, Immy and R so it honestly made my month. She got me a little Moomin pen, and a Snorkmaiden notebook as in her words – to help inspire me to blog.

Coffee over ice.

Lastly as it has been super sunny and warm I’ve been waking up and having a cold coffee in the mornings. It took me years to be able to stand a mid warm coffee. Am I the only one who doesn’t like hot drinks?! But I love coffee over ice and I make it really quick and simple. It’s just so refreshing first thing in the morning!

There we have it, my 5 things. Cant wait to see what I come up with next month!


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