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Last month I joined in with my first monthly linky which you can read about my favourite 5 things monthly linky may edition. The linky itself as explained before is ran by Georgia and Rachel, to talk about 5 things we’ve been loving in that month. It excludes everything parenting to make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves and talking about us and not mama version of us.

On with the show. This month I’ve not really dipped my toes into more things this past month. The heatwave honestly is killing me off and I’ve been avoiding leaving the house unless necessary. However there have been a few things that I’ve been enjoying this past month.

Reporting Trump’s First Year: The Fourth Estate

A controversial first love. On the BBC (it’s still on BBC iPlayer) they have been showing a documentary from the reporters at New York Times and The Washington Post all about Trumps first year in office. I love a good documentary and ones I’ve been watching lately have not lack lustre, but not grabbed my attention. Trump is such a controversial person especially more so being the President of the United States. Watching this documentary about everything that has happened in the first YEAR. That’s it, in one year everything that goes down is beyond crazy. It’s such a scary and eye opening watch.

Wedding season.

We as a family just went to R’s brother’s wedding in Leeds. It was such a lovely day with the weather, the company and the day itself. It’s got me craving a wedding of my own and we’re not ready to get married any time soon but we’re both heading into a direction about what we want for one, and surprisingly we’re on the same page. Coming away from the wedding I feel like we’re both more excited about the future and are looking into Pinterest for things we want. A few years away however as we’re going to save every penny and not borrow. Not about going into debt first.


Okay so I’ve known and used Pinterest for years but genuinely couldn’t grasp it. I just used it for mood boards for my college and university work. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting in some effort with following people, getting some boards done and pinning things, setting up a profile. I’m seeing a huge difference already and it’s making me super excited. I will post here about my first month when it’s over with and you can see the difference a month makes!

Make up free time.

I pride myself on wearing makeup. None of us NEED it but we enjoy it and indulge in it. It makes me feel more confident and better to hide my imperfections and to be able to draw eyebrows on that I don’t actually have naturally. Just this last month with the heatwave I’ve been avoiding it like crazy and my skin is thanking me for it. I’ve barely moisturised. Me the queen of lotions and potions for dry skin. Apart from a little breakout on my forehead due to sweat, I’m loving it.

Missy Elliott

Being a full time emo music enthustiast since 2004 is no secret of mine. I think everyone pretty much who knows me relates me to some emo sort of band. Through out the years I’ve been brought up on so so many different genre’s of music. I go through fazes of different ones and I’m not ashamed of that. Happy hardcore, cheese, musicals, dance, death metal, glam rock pop. Everything. My range is very broad. A favourite of mine that I haven’t listened to in a couple of years is Missy Elliott and I was listening to Busta Rhymes (yea I know) and fell back in love again. Honestly who didn’t want to dance to this song back in 2005, get bangs like Ciara and own one of those skirts in Lose Control?! I’ve linked you to it, so you don’t have to do the work.

Probably not the most exciting loves, but yep this is really what I’ve enjoyed this past month and I wanted to share them with you. And I’ve put Missy Elliott on again after reading my monthly linky. See you next month!

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