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Welcome back to another 5 things linky, the July edition. If you’ve never been here before it’s the linky set up by Rachel and Georgia to get you to say five things you’ve enjoyed the previous month that’s not mother related. So, first things first.

Orange Is The New Black

THE ANIMALS THE ANIMALS THEY’RE TRAPPED TRAPPED TRAPPED TIL THEIR CAGE IS FULL.. THEIR CAGE IS FULL! If you know, you know. I pretty much waited the entirety of July for this to come out and binged it within days. It’s one of very little series I keep up with and have watched every single episode. I won’t say anything about this series. I’m excited what they do with the next series however!


Okay without sounding like a saddo for wishing for rain, I’m so happy it’s back. The hot heat makes me turn into a Gremlin all of a sudden and although it’s not ideal with toddlers. It’s nice to be able to have it back and the earth cooling down. I can’t wait to get her some new wellies and to go splashing in the puddles and the leaves in September!

Desenio prints

So I’ve had these prints for a while and I haven’t really been able to talk to them due to the post I made but now I can. I put in an order and I fully enjoy having different prints around the house. I’ve not entirely nailed them to where I want them to be, but it makes me happy. Especially as (I know I know I shouldn’t talk about kids) but Imogen gets excited by Freida Khalo’s ‘flower crown’.

Date for my scan

After having a consultancy I’ve finally got progress to finding out what isn’t right with my body. I’ve got a date for an MRI scan and as this post is going up quite late, it’s actually in two days. I’m nervous because what I keep getting told it is, doesn’t seem the problem. Hopefully everything is okay and we can get it sorted. Here’s to wishful thinking.


Lastly my final monthly favourite is baths. How I welcome thee back! Is it just me that associates bath with cold weather? I can’t take baths in the summer it just makes me feel worse so I’m happy to welcome them and Lush bath products back into my life.

And there we have it! My top 5 favourite things for July. You can read about my other top 5 monthly linkys for previous month by clicking on the links.


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  1. August 19, 2018 / 11:35 am

    Omg OITNB!! I watched it in about 2 days. I didn’t love the first episode but I’m excited to see where they take the next season. Although, I will say, I hope it doesn’t drag on for much longer because I just can not stand Piper!!

    I’m definitely not with you on the rain. I hate it. Give me blistering heat any day because at least its dry!! So much easier to get out the house when its dry!

    Laura xx // em-andme.com

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