Hey everyone, so I’ve just recently been kindly tagged by Maisie from LoveMaisie.com to join in and fill out 100 questions all about me tag. I thought, why not, it’s a great way to get to know someone you might not have known that well or as it is for me, a brand new blog on the web. It’s quite long, so get your cuppa (or wine) at the ready and have a good read!

1. What is your name?

2. Any nicknames or aliases?
Leece, Cowan, Mamamamamamama, Lisa the Loser (my friends clearly love me).

3. Your gender?

4. Your star sign?

5. How old are you?

6. Your relationship status?
In a relationship with Reece, the baby daddy.

7. Any children?
Our daughter, Imogen.

8. Any pets?
Not yet, Imogen’s eyeing up cats though.

9. Any tattoo’s or piercings?
Yes and Yes! I tend to change piercings a lot.

10. What do you like about yourself?
That I can finally wing my eyeliner? I’m not sure, probably my honesty.

11. What do you dislike about yourself?
That I always wish for more about myself. I wish I had more confidence, a certain body and figure, bigger brains. I want to be happier with myself.

12. Righty or lefty?

13. The last thing you drank?
Okay okay, a can of Monster. I’m under the weather and we’ve ran out of my favourite coffee.

14. The last thing you ate?
Homemade nachos.. This isn’t looking good is it?!

15. Your last phone call?
To my mama who was visiting this evening.

16. Your last text message?
“What do they think they’re playing at?!” – Texting Cayla about The Maine playing Download Festival.

17. Your last email?
Sending photographs from earlier today to Claire @ dearmummybear

18. The last song you listened to?
Love Gun – KISS

19. The last book you read?
Blood Sisters – Jane Corry

20. The last time you cried?
About two hours ago with a killer headache and I had a mini tantrum because I couldn’t find the paracetamol.

21. The last blog you read?
The Hels Project

22. The last person you spoke to?

23. The last place you visited?
Tesco after the park today with Claire and little bear.

24. Your last holiday abroad?
Germany back in 2015.

25. Have you ever got back with an ex?

26. Have you ever been cheated on?

27. Have you ever cheated on someone?

28. Have you ever lost someone special to you?
My  Nana May.

29. Have you ever been so drunk you threw up?
Yes, but only due to rum in a cocktail. I can’t drink Rum, it doesn’t agree with my stomach.

30. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?

31. Have you ever met someone who changed you?
Yes, when I met Reece our lives changed 9 months later, forever.

32. Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are?
Honestly, yep an it sucks as much as it sounds.

33. Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have?

34. Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back?

Not really, I don’t think. I wouldn’t be bothered unless they we’re trying to make out I was something I’m not!

35. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Yes, just can’t go on in relationships if your heart isn’t there.

36. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

37. Have you ever had your own heart broken?
Yes, trampled on, the works more than a few times.

38. Have you ever had sex on the first date?
Mum please don’t read this.

39. Have you ever been arrested?

40. Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive?

41. Have you ever done something you regret?
Yes, there a few things that I regret. Some things that I would change if I could, or make up for if I could. But it’s said and done and all in the past.

42. Have you ever had a threesome?

43. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public?
Pretty much every time I leave the house. I’m not the most graceful of people.

44. Have you ever misjudged someone?
Yes, in a good and bad sense. I’ve misjudged people who I thought were fake, and they’re the nicest people I’ve ever met. And misjudged those who I thought opposite of. You can see where my lack of trust comes from.

45. Do you believe in God?
I don’t believe in A, or any gods. 

46. Do you believe in yourself?
Depends what day you catch me on.

47. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
My mummy was a great Santa haha! A big fat no.

48. Do you believe in ghosts?
I’m not entirely sure. I’ve worked in a haunted place before and heard children screaming, when there was only me there. Very creepy. So yeah, like that but no not on Most Haunted where they scream over someone farting.

49. Do you believe in aliens?
I think it’s a huge possibility that they exist but I don’t think we’ll come across them in our generation.

50. Do you believe in miracles?

51. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?
Yes, I believe in a positive way of thinking helps you be more positive. Trying not to be a negative Nancy every day.

52. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don’t believe in first sight per say, but like when you’re first getting to know someone that first week you talk and text and call each other. That really says a lot about you both. Love at first week? HA!

53. Can money make you happy?
Yes. I mean, love, family ect is happiness, but it’s nicer to have a bit of money and not to worry about the bills every day!

54. Would you describe yourself as a feminist?
Yes. A person who supports feminism, which is the ‘advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’. Damn right.

55. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
Strongly Pro-choice. It’s our own bodies, we chose what is best for us.

56. Do you have strong political beliefs?
Yes and no. I don’t live and breathe politics but I try to do my research and not just go with the crowds answers.

57. Do you have strong religious beliefs?
No. Each to their own, but not for me.

58. What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?
Love, stability and hope.

59. Are you eating anything right now?

60. Are you drinking anything right now?
No, fancy making me a brew?

61. What are you listening to right now?
Reece playing Fifa.

62. What are you thinking about right now?
How I wish I had a drink right now.

63. What are you waiting for right now?
For Reece to make me that drink.

64. What are you most excited about right now?
I’m excited to wait another bloody week to watch All Stars Episode 4.

65. What’s your pet hate right now?
That I’m irritating myself with watching Bullet Journal videos knowing that I’ll get frustrated and rip all the pages out.

66. What’s your favourite thing right now?
The fact that Imogen is still asleep in her cot for longer than two hours.

67. If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?
Spooning Imogen to sleep wishing I was watching TV.

68. Your first best friend?
My first best friend was a girl called Jade who lived at the bottom of my street.

69. Your first kiss?
Oh god, let’s leave that idiot out of my life.

70. Your first celebrity crush?
Lauri Ylonen – The Rasmus ha! Still love them.

71. Your first holiday?
Probably one of the many times my mum took me to Benidorm with my grandparents.

72. Your first pet?
Tango! My goldfish that my mum overfed.

73. Your first regret?
Leaving Tango with my mum haha!

74. Your first job?
I worked in a Laundrette with my dad’s wife when I was 16.

75. Your first childhood memory?
I have two memories from when I moved to England and I’m not sure which is the earliest so theres: 1. My mum changing my nappy. (Yeah I know.. ) and 2. Falling down the manhole in my back garden. I was around 3 years old.

76. Love or money?
Well we have Love and it’s quite nice, I’d love to see what money does for us ha!

77. Twitter or Facebook?

78. Hook up or relationship?

79. Dogs or cats?
Neither, I’m not really an animal person. Sorry! I just like my own isolation.

80. Coffee or tea?

81. Beer or wine?
Wine unless cider is classed as beer…

82. Sweet or savoury?

83. Introvert or extrovert?
Introvert unless I’m with the right people.

84. Vampires or werewolves?

85. Seaside or countryside?

86. Summer or winter?

87. Books or movies?

88. Horror or comedy?
Comedy, I have horrible nightmares so Horror isn’t for me.

89. Do you wish you could change your past?
Maybe. I mean, I could’ve met up with Reece when I was 17 instead of 22. We might have planned things better that way.

90. What’s your dream job?
The first thing that came to my head was to slice cake for a living. Oh my. But for real, to own my own design studio.

91. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching every single episode of Say Yes To the Dress. I’m not even engaged.

92. What are you afraid of?

93. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?
An artist.

94. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To get through this quiz.

95. If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?
That we had a bit more money to do more things together as a family.

96. Would you want immortality?
Depends on the consequences.

97. If you could interview anyone, alive or dead, who would you chose?
David Bowie. I would probably just cry instead of saying anything.

98. Would you say you are happy?
Today I am!

99. What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at eighteen?
You should’ve learnt to drive you silly idiot, you’ll still be watching that band when you’re 89.

100. Where would you like to be in five years time?
Probably living in a different country. I have a plan which you can read about soon.

So there we have it, 100 questions! If you’ve somehow managed to reach the end, I applaud you. Well done, go get that glass of wine, or heck just grab the bottle. Hopefully that helped you to get to know me a bit better. And I’m really sorry about the animals question I bet that’s the one that made you hate me!

I now tag ClaireDear Mummy Bear, Fern/ Mum Conventional, RomecaBeauty Bump and Me  & Emily / Babies And Beauty   to join in with me!


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    101 – Who loves you the most?? – JEMMAAAAAAAAAA

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      You’re an idiot and I love you muchly.

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