10 facts you probably don’t know about me.

10 things you probably don't know about me ohluna

Today’s post is 10 facts you probably don’t know about me. Honestly these are just random facts that sprung straight to mind. I’m a person that is quite open when it comes to talking about myself. That’s not to say I’m self centred, I just find myself to be an open book. However I bet there is a lot about me you probably don’t know unless you’ve read this post. I could probably write a post about 100 things but we’ll stick to this just for today. So let’s get to it!

I am a very quiet person.

Since I was little I preferred my own company. I enjoyed reading and writing and arts and crafts and would shy away from the other children on my street who always got up to no good. I wasn’t unsocial, I just preferred my own company. As a matter of fact as I’ve grown older I’m no different. I will always happily spend a night in organising my things, reading a book and now I’m a mama – enjoy time with my family. Even as a teen/my early twenties you’d find me working over going out. I can be a loud person around my closest friends but I tend to just be quiet. However I am not shy.

I’ve watched more bands than I can remember.

You might know this if you’ve ever seen me tweet about music and bands but I started to go to concerts the day after my 14th birthday. From there bloomed an obsession with catching all of my favourite artists. I’ve got a box full of hundreds of gig tickets, AAA passes and wristbands. Half of them I was too drunk to even remember them. So it’s not a shock to people anymore if I say “Oh they’re great live you’ll have to see them”.  One day I’ll write out a list of every single band I watched and probably cry at how much money was spent.

It’s not a phase mom! ( I was a scene kid).

When I was in school I hung out with the ‘moshers’ and ‘goths’. I was the year that emo truly blossomed and soon followed the scene years. All through school I would listen to the same bands and want tattoos and piercings and forever got told it was a phase and that I would hate it when I’m older. Except I still listen to the same 5 bands from 2005 now in 2018. My best friend was two years below me in school and apparently (honestly not my words but it makes me crack up thinking about it) her and her friends thought I was the scene queen. I had friends from schools 30 minutes away that thought the same. Honestly. Being labelled scene queen out of

my friends was like a hipster thing. “I’M nOt ScEnE XDdd”. Except I totally was and thank goodness those photo’s crashed and burned with Myspace.

I never wanted kids.

Okay so here’s the truth. I never wanted kids. Or even dreamt of having kids. I never even held a baby before I held Imogen. I honestly thought I would go on tours following bands and die a mysterious death at 30. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be a mum in my lifetime. And well the shocking truth is I’m so damn broody for another but it’s not the right time for us yet. A couple of years hopefully.

I got drunk at Disneyland.

Myself and my best friend went to Paris to watch one of our favourite bands. The things that went down over 3 days was insane. I’ll delve into that perhaps another time but we thought heck, we’re going to Paris let’s go to Disney. We got a lot of dirty looks whilst we were there and we’re still none the wiser why. Perhaps people thought we were lesbians and were offended by us. We decided to go to Planet Hollywood for some food and got a bit too merry and went parading around Disney drunk. It was honestly one of the most fun experiences. For obvious reasons I’m not going to condone doing this.. but we did.

10 things you probably don't know about me ohluna

I’m a stationery addict.

Since I was younger I’ve always been obsessed with stickers, notepads, pens and as I’ve got older it’s got worse. When I go into a supermarket or shopping you’ll always find me in the stationery parts. I’ve got drawers full of unused notebooks ready for special occasions. I always have 3 diaries on the go. I HAD a large pen and pencil collection but let’s face it, my toddler has cleared that out. Nothing excites me more than stationery and that might be nerdy but it’s my fave!

I’m actually Scottish.

I have lived in England since I was a toddler and always remained in the same postcode area but I wasn’t born here. I was born in Lerwick in Shetland Isles which is a tiny island above Scotland. It’s actually closer to Norway than it is to Scotland. So yeah I class myself as a Manc but in reality I’m Scottish.

Are you scared of the dark?

Yep. I am. I was supposed to study Photography in college and I wimped out of it because I’m frightened of the dark so I couldn’t bare myself to walk into the dark room. I’m actually frightened of a lot of things but the dark is a big nope. I still think the crocodile at the bottom of the stairs is going to snap at my legs. Yeah. I know.

I can’t stand Ryan Reynolds.

Has there ever been an actor or muscian or the likes that you don’t know why but you can’t bring yourself to like them? Mine is Ryan Reynolds. I cringe every time a film comes out and he’s in it. While I was pregnant I went to the cinema to watch Deadpool and cried all the way through it because I just couldn’t stand him and I don’t know why.

I wear hair extensions.

Some people know this and some people don’t. I’ve worn hair extensions since I was around 14 years old. I’ve always suffered from very fine thin hair. So bleach, no bleach it always just looks like a straggly mess on my head. In fact I actually take good care of my hair and it stopped growing properly for such a long time until I had Imogen. I wear them for thickness and no they haven’t damaged my hair more as I don’t wear them every day. Although I am in need of some new ones so if you’ve got any suggestions let me know!

There we have it. Just 10 things you probably didn’t know about me until you stumbled across this post! Until next time.

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